• 21st September 2020

How To Enhance Health Cover Limits With Top-Ups?

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Our healthcare system has modernized with the help of technology. What was unimaginable 20 years ago, is possible now. All thanks to modernized healthcare equipment that can diagnose the disease at an early stage. However, this comes with a price. Healthcare cost has skyrocketed over the past few years. The treatment of non-chronic disease is expensive, then you can only imagine what the expense of treating chronic diseases will be. That is why it is advisable to buy health insurance online from a reputable insurer. 

However, no one can predict what adequate coverage is, as everyday new diseases are coming, and to cure them new technology is made. This in turn increases the healthcare cost that no one can predict precisely. For instance, no one had heard about coronavirus before the starting of 2020. But now it has become a part of our life. By June 2020, more than 1 crore of people around the world has got infected with coronavirus pandemic. No one was ready for such a disease. You may never know what type of disease may affect you and how much it can cost you. Yes, it is true that buying medical insurancewill help you financially, but what if due to some disease, the whole coverage is exhausted on a single family member. What will you do then? In such cases, health insurance top-ups will come for your rescue. Here is how: 

What Is Health insurance Top-Up?

A health insurance top-up is a way to enhance your coverage that will help you financially during any medical emergencies. This plan will cover your medical expenses only after your hospitalization bill crosses a certain threshold value, which is also known as the deductibles. For example, if you opt for a top-up plan of Rs 10,00,000/- with Rs 5,00,000/- as deductible, then you can only use the top-up once the bill crosses Rs 5,00,000/-. You should know that your medical insurance top-up plan will not pay for the deductible. You have to pay it from your own pocket before the top-up is triggered.

Now you may ask whether it is important to have a base plan for buying a Mediclaim top-up plan or not. It is not necessary to have a base healthcare plan to buy a top-up policy. However, if you have not opted for any health insurance, then you have to opt for a top-up policy that comes with a deductible. You need to arrange these deductibles from your own pocket. 

If you are planning to enhance coverage of your existing individual or family floater plan, then medical insurance top-up is the best and the cheapest way to do it. There are only a few ways by which you can extend to the cover limit. One is by buying a separate healthplan, which can put a major strain on your finances. And the other is to get ahealth insurance top-up plan. This plan is cheaper as it comes with an in-built deductible feature that reduces the liability of your insurance provider. That is why it is advisable to buy top-ups to enhance your health cover.

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