• 16th June 2024

5 reasons why the Saarinen chair is fit or a modern king

It’s always amazing to see a vintage furniture piece stand the tests of time and become a timeless classic. Out of all of Eero Saarinen’s great masterpieces, the Saarinen chair is one that has definitely made a mark, and if you want to know why it’s fit for a modern king, here are 5 reasons to get you started:

  1. A plush design


One of the reasons why the Saarinen chair feels fit for royalty is because of its plush design. Even with just a look, it feels as if you’ll been sinking into its comfortable embrace for the best lounging experience. The knife-edge detailing is just the cherry-on-top and makes the overall visuals of the chair look so much more sophisticated!

  1. Regal aesthetics


The fully dynamic and artistic visuals of the Saarinen chair are regal in a totally unique way. The clean design has been translated in such a fashionable form, but that doesn’t take away from the royal aura of the chair at all. In fact, even the casual vibe of the chair has a certain crispness that totally makes it feel like it’s fit for a king. You can literally set it up anywhere and it would retain this regal aura with so much panache and flair! Even the backdrop of outdoor landscaping makes such an amazing runway for the Saarinen chair – as demonstrated by this image!

  1. Lean, recline, and loungable


The Saarinen chair is truly like a throne because it has that amazingly ergonomic design where you can either lean, recline, and lounge in the best comfort. The metal base is sturdy enough to promise excellent durability, but it’s the way that the upper half has been contoured that really provides the gold star in relaxed lounging. Even by just a glance, you can easily tell that your back will feel totally comfy and your arms can cozily be put to rests while you’re sitting on this chair!

  1. The freestanding champion


Do you know what sets a king’s throne apart? The way it stands out! Similarly, the reason why the Saarinen chair is so regal is because it can be featured as the best freestanding furniture piece ever. Wherever you want to put it, it will emulate its presence quite naturally within that ambiance while standing out because of its unique form. Whether you put it in the living room, the bedroom, the foyer, or even the dining room, this chair will maintain its uniqueness to the fullest.

  1. An executive aura


Another thing that makes the Saarinen chair absolutely fit for a king is its executive aura! The officious looking design makes it feel totally royal. Plus, you can always customize the fabric of its upholstery, which means your selection can be as plush as you want it to be. However, the most versatile part of this chair’s design is that no matter which color you choose to upholster it in, it’s always going to maintain its aura of gentle sophistication!

So, these are some of the reasons why the Saarinen chair is one of the best and most regal chairs you could opt for. We hope it makes a bold statement in your homes!

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