• 24th June 2024

5 Reasons You Need Artificial Turf

To replace natural grass with artificial turf or not; that is the question. Many Coloradians face the same daunting question. According to the information below, installing fake grass is something you should’ve done yesterday!  Take a peek at five of the many reasons why you’ll love artificial turf on your Colorado Springs lawn.

1- Dogs Love It

Colorado is one of the most dog-friendly states in the U.S. so there’s a good chance that a Fido lives in your home. Dogs are great companions but sometimes act similarly to a toddler, using their own animal strategies in the process. Digging up holes in the lawn is a favorite activity for dogs, but not so much for owners. Holes are dangerous and certainly unpleasant for a home’s curb appeal.

Artificial turf  in place of natural grass eliminates digging and dangers caused by your pet. Artificial grass makes dog poo clean-up easy too!. Using fake grass eliminates allergies that may potentially cause symptoms such as coughing, sneezing and runny eyes that leave your dog feeling horrible.

2- Year-Round Beauty

Artificial grass looks great in any weather and in any environment so it’s the perfect year-round aesthetic enhancement that every Colorado property needs. Environmental conditions across the SoCo region make growing grass sometimes difficult, especially during the cold, harsh winter season when up to 60” of snowfall (120” on the mountains) occurs. 

Artificial grass is eye-pleasing no matter how hot or cold the temperatures might be. Your lawn maintains its healthy, green appearance in any situation. Even high-traffic areas look great day after day when artificial grass is on the ground. 

3- No Watering Needed

Not only does the average homeowner overwater their lawn by about 50%, they use up to 55-gallons per square foot under normal watering conditions. That’s nearly 100,000 gallons of water on landscaping alone every year. Install fake grass and conserve water and save money in the process.

Artificial turf needs occasional cleaning, which usually consists of a quick spray with a water hose or power washer.  Installing artificial grass can save as much as $400 every single year along with thousands of gallons of water.

4- Long-Lasting Quality

Artificial grass lifetime varies from one product to the next. The brand, style, and care all factor in on the time that the fake grass lasts. However, expect many long-lasting years after fake grass installation, with little maintenance of effort required in the process. 

On average, Colorado homeowners can expect 20 – 30 years lifetime from their fake grass. At Top Notch Turf, we install quality artificial grass products that ensure the longest possible lifetime.

5- No More Mowing

One of the least favorite summer activities we all face is that of mowing the lawn. Not only does this task require a good lawn mower, it is time consuming and sometimes dangerous when the Colorado Springs heat barges into the air. Replacing your natural grass with artificial grass and mowing quickly becomes a thing of the past.

Plastic doesn’t grow, freeing up the time that you would’ve spent moving the lawn. You also save money since there’s no need to buy a lawn mower, weed eater or other expensive equipment or hire a professional for the work.


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