• 26th May 2024

5 Regular Practices for Healthy Life

A healthy life is the secret of happiness. We all do our hard work to live a fit life and give our family the same. In order to stay good, we must be careful about our health. With increasing pollution and environmental complication we always stay under the threat of falling ill. We hardy can do anything to it. But, we still can practice good and hygienic habits to remain protected from germs and microbes, as much as possible.

For living a hygienic life you don’t need to spend a lot. Just invest on antiseptic soap, hand wash, hand sanitizer, paste, brush and shampoo.

  1. Start with cleaning the teeth, end with the same –

This is very important, that you do brush for twice a day – at morning before breakfast and at night after having dinner. Teeth are vital part that needs to be cleaned everyday for basic hygiene.

  1. Take a shower – everyday

You don’t want to smell like a rotten burger do you? So make sure you take a shower with a scented (mild) soap every day. Do shampoo twice or thrice a week.

  1. Wash your hand every time you need it –

Teach your kids and follow your own instruction. Wash hands before and after taking meals. Practice the same after you come back from outside or play with the pets or anytime you feel it’s dirty.

  1. Carry a hand sanitizer at work –

Clean your hand with a hand sanitizer. It kills germs. Put it in your children’s bag, husband’s bag in case they forget it. The same thing must be applied on you. You may not find time or arrangement of soap water at your work place.

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  1. Wash your feet after returning home –

No matter how tired you are, wash your feet in warm water. Add shampoo in it to clean properly.

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