• 25th June 2024

5 Things to Look for When You’re Comparing Assisted Living Facilities

Choosing from assisted living facilities in Camarillo, CA or anywhere is a difficult task. There are so many to choose from, and you’re delegating them with a tremendous responsibility — caring for your loved one. By comparing these key elements when you’re touring, you’ll be able to better compare your options.

  1. The Smell

While assisted living facilities occasionally develop odors throughout the day, a facility shouldn’t have a continuous odor of urine throughout the building. More often than not, a continuous odor is a sign of poor housekeeping or care.

  1. The Cleanliness

Smell isn’t the only indicator of a poorly kept facility. When you’re taking a tour, look around the building. Is there excessive dirt or dust anywhere? Are things relatively organized? When you ask to see a bedroom, take a look around the room. Ask about what type of routine cleaning they perform on the rooms.

  1. The Care

When touring assisted living facilities, look around at the aids and nurses to assess the type of care they provide. Although the staff doesn’t always show their true colors when family members or tours are around, it’s important to see if the aids and nurses seem to be friendly toward the residents and work with them.

  1. The Specialized Care They Provide

If you have a loved one who is possible a flight risk or who has a mental impairment, such as dementia, a standard facility isn’t always the best option. You may want to look for a lock-down unit. These facilities have their doors locked at all times to prevent individuals from escaping.

  1. Wheelchair Accessibility

Whether your loved one has a walker now, is in a wheelchair, or doesn’t have mobility issues as of now, it’s important to assess the wheelchair accessibility of the facility. You want a building that can accommodate your loved one’s mobility issues, currently and in the future.

  1. Residents’ Happiness

While fights do break out and residents aren’t always engaged at any facility, for the most part, residents should seem relatively happy. Try to schedule your tour during a time when they have an activity going on. Evaluate how well the activity’s director or other personnel run the activity. Inquire about the types of activities they offer and how often they have them. Keeping the patients busy reduces problems, including fighting and restlessness.

  1. Dining Services

Visit the dining services staff. Ask about what types of meals they prepare and snacks that they offer. Ask if you can have a plate of whatever they’re having for the meal you’re there for. The kitchen tends to make enough extras that this shouldn’t be an issue. Facilities buy in bulk from a food supplier, so the food may not taste exactly like you would make at home, but evaluate it based on whether it has seasonings and how well the food is flavored and prepared. Make sure they’re offering meals that are well-balanced.

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