• 25th April 2024

A checklist of what to do before you sell your gold

Do you have extra gold items lying around your home or in storage that you want to get rid of? There are many local places that buy gold and there are also places online the buy gold.

Before you list your item either locally or online, you’ll want to do a little homework first.

What to do before you sell your gold

  1. You need to have your gold appraised – It’s important you have your items appraised so you have the appraisal stamp when you go to list your things online or locally. This can help you get premium prices for your gold.
  2. Research common prices for the items you wish to sell so you have an idea of a price you are comfortable with – This is important. If you feel your item is worth $300 but you see online the same items are selling for a shy $100, you need to adjust your idea of what is a reasonable price. The market will only buy what the market is willing to spend, after all.
  3. Get multiple prices offers if you choose to sell locally – If you decide to sell locally to a pawn shop or a jewelry store, it’s important you go around to these places and see what their best offer is. Sometimes the first offer is not the best and it’s good to have a couple of options before you give up the items.
  4. Research the sites online that you want to use and review their social presence as well as testimonials from previous customers. – The internet doesn’t lie these days. If you want to sell online, you need to make sure the site is credible.
  5. Clean each item professionally or with professional products at your home – before you sell your items or before you take images, you should have your things professionally cleaned, so they are in their best shape.
  6. Get insurance on the items if you’ll be shipping them to the purchaser. – This is important if you are going to ship the items. The last thing you want is to ship them, have them be stolen or broken, and then never get a profit.

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