• 25th April 2024

Choosing a Good San Francisco Nanny Agency

The need for a good nanny has become a top priority for many San Francisco families, especially with the demands that two careers put on working professionals still trying to have a full home at the same time. But simply hiring a babysitter is not enough; a good nanny service needs to delivery professionalism, privacy, discrete service and dedication as well. Without these other elements a client could be putting their family and home at risk to an unknown element. That’s the last thing any San Francisco nanny agency should ever allow to happen.

A good nanny placement service helps cut through a lot of the chatter and filters out the best prospects for dedicated nanny help in all types of schedules and family needs. And experience makes a huge difference in this category as well.

First, a quality nanny agency is going to sit down and work towards a very good, detailed understanding of what your family is expecting from a nanny. That involves a solid interview meeting to gauge and understand all of your expectations versus just the generally need for nanny assistance. The extent of help needed, the skills expected, the schedule desired, and the additional occasional commitment that may be desired all come into play and are detailed on a client plan. And it’s from this engagement that a professional nanny service begins to identify viable prospects.

The second part is producing a quality short-list of candidates to choose from. Many nanny agencies just pick from a stable of providers and play a hit-and-miss game, hoping one sticks. Bullk is their approach, which means you as the client don’t get prioritization for what you need in a nanny service. A professional approach, on the other hand, has already been busy putting providers through an extensive vetting and categorizing them very specifically. Your client plan is then matched against these prospects and only those that meet your needs make the short-list for consideration and your review.

The third phase is your interview of the prospect. A good nanny agency won’t presume their choice is your pick. Instead, quality service means making sure you are satisfied from the start with the nanny who will work in your home. This is why a short list is prepared. The first candidate may be very good but not quite the right pick. You, the client, know what you want the best. The nanny agency’s job is to bring those high quality prospects to you to make the search far easier to complete.

A good San Francisco nanny agency consistently performs all the above and more for clients without being asked; this is a basic minimum one should always expect. Anything less isn’t really quality. It’s just a contractor coordinator.

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