• 25th June 2024

Delivered Duty Unpaid shipping Tax and Customs

This means that the delivery for the supplier is complete with the handover of the goods to the recipient at the specified destination. The supplier bears all export taxes and costs for the delivery of The supplier bears the export taxes, packs the goods and transports the cargo to the port, loads the goods on board, concludes contracts and pays for the ship, provides the relevant documents, and pays for them Delivery to the final destination. The recipient insures the goods at will, pays import duties, corresponding certificates, licenses, etc., and unloads a vehicle on site. The DDU Shipping is used to transport goods with any means of transport. Delivered Duty Unpaid means that the seller (exporter) delivers the goods to the buyer (importer), is not permitted for import and is not unloaded by any means of transport on arrival in the country. The seller (exporter) bears the costs and risks of bringing the goods to him, with the exception of any “right” (a term that includes the responsibility and risk of carrying out customs procedures). And paying paperwork, duties, taxes, and other charges) for import into the country of destination.

Tax and Customs Solutions for Businesses

When importing into any from a country outside our Customs Union, Taxes and Duties are levied on certain products. Delivery Duty Unpaid gives you a choice of whether you or your recipient is responsible for payment

Delivered Duty Paid (DDP)

This means you pay the full cost of importing goods, including. You pay the cost in advance through your bank account or any card

Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU)

This means that the recipient (your customer) has to pay them before the item can be delivered.

Customized Customs Solutions

  • Freight to Post (DDU) conversion for deliveries

Seller picks up your freight shipment from the air carrier and has permission to convert your shipment into the mail. Freight service will deliver your items to any address. This service requires the recipient to pay taxes and duties on delivery.

  • Freight to Shipping (DDP) Conversion for deliveries

Items will be shipped for Customs Postage as above, but you will pay Taxes and Duties (plus a handling fee). Shipments are sent by post without an addressee

Freight service picks up your freight shipment and submits a customs declaration to the delivery service. Once taxes and duties have been debited from your bank account, the items will be released for delivery without the recipient paying any additional fees.

  • Freight-to-shipment (DDU) conversion for cross-border shipments

Seller freight shipment from the airline and permission to convert your shipment into the post. Items are being made available for inspection, not shipping.

Freight service will transport your shipment to the country of destination, where the shipments will be presented to the national customs authority for post-processing, which will collect taxes and duties from the recipient according to its own procedures.

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