• 25th April 2024

Do you Need a Civil Rights Attorney?

Everyone has been granted freedom that must not be violated. However, if you think your civil rights have been violated, you can hire a civil rights lawyer from H1 Law Group to help you put things right. 

Civil rights attorneys protect their clients from discrimination and other civil rights violations. Civil rights include the right to petition the government, freedoms of speech, assembly, and religions, the right to procedural due process, and more. 

When to Hire a Civil Rights Attorney

Consider meeting with a civil rights attorney if your civil liberties have been violated. The legal expert can help you if you have been mistreated based on characteristics like religion, race, disability, and gender. Examples of civil rights violation cases include cruel and unusual punishment, unreasonable searches and seizures, abuse by a public official, and others. 

Civil laws are complicated. Usually, you must file a claim with the government before you can file a lawsuit. But, you must consult with a good civil rights attorney if you have been discriminated against.

Legal Costs

Attorneys make use of different methods of billing; however, a lot of civil rights attorneys charge either an hourly rate or a contingency. The latter method means you won’t need to pay anything upfront; however, your attorney will take a percentage if you win your case. Often, attorneys only use this form of payment if you have a good chance of winning a huge sum. Make sure to talk t your lawyer and set up a billing structure and fee upfront. 

What to Expect when you Work with your Attorney

Proving a civil rights violation can be difficult. When the other party involved contests your discrimination claim, your case can be a long process. In general, you will be suing for damages rather than seeking to change rules or regulations. Your attorney can advise you on your chances of winning your case. Also, they can give an idea of the timeline you can expect. 

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