• 26th May 2024

How to plan web design elements that helps in retaining customers?

When you are all set to design E-commerce store the goal of gaining new customers or sustaining from the competitors should not be enough. In order to lead in the race you need to have strong retention strategy that keeps your customers coming to you again and again without too much of nagging.  In the competititive throttle neck tight competition the major question the entrepreneurs face is that how to retain your customers?

  1. Take lesser responding time: Be it loading a website or helping your customers to take quick call for action your site should be extremely fast. Come out with quirky solutions that are distinctive.   To save time and money in setups, maintenance and development you should always approach professionals of web design services. There should be inclusion of social media buttons at the bottom of page. They have treasure trove knowledge to instill a chat forums, Q&A page or feedback page that enhances your communication with your customers. The golden mantra lies when you give a faster response to queries of customers.
  2. Walk an extra mile: Whenever a customer is making an exit by adding up items in cart and paying. Humbly thank them for the efforts taken in showing up interest in your website. A thanks note at the end will always work in your favor. The inclusion of discount code from the next shopping spree will also help your customers to keep coming back for you.
  3. Minimize friction: Don’t let your customers to mingle through various page, if a person is regularly shopping with you give them a way to save details and add shortcut to process things in cart. Ecommerce web Development Company will always suggest you to keep “add to cart” option always at the top and at the end of bottom page.
  4. Make a way for subscription plans:  When you are selling essential items or hygiene essentials it is time when your customers will buy things on monthly or weekly basis. The “subscription” option with added discount gig will help you to keep your customers coming to you. You could also put in “pre-schedule option” to your E-commerce site.
  5. Putting up new things forward: Make your brand essence, push forward new things as per your customer needs. Make your brand a reliable resource for your customer to learn something new. The things you could do are you could put the new page forward on the home page that you want your customers to work on. You could also share pivotal tips like if you are selling fashion apparel then go suggesting the combination they could do with this apparel. The main motto here remains is to do things that they like to do. You should always take help of professionals on being innovative on things you like the most.
  6. Planning new bounds of strategy: If you think that you could capsize your audience by going that extra mile. Don’t forget to take that extra shot. The best way you could do is giving space for the security element and showing your customers the extra efficiency you possess in doing up things.

When you wish to have step wise executions the best way to do things is to approach professionals. 

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