• 12th July 2024

Eight Smart Projects to Improve the Appeal and Value of Your Brooklyn Heights NY Property

The outside of your house is what leaves the first impression on people. A beautiful and well-maintained exterior improves curb appeal and shows your personality and style. Also, your home’s exterior contributes to your property’s overall value. This blog will walk you through the various exterior renovation projects that can make your house stand out from the rest. Whether you want to work with Brooklyn Heights NY real estate agent David Rosen to sell your house or just improve your living space, below are smart projects that can add value to your house:

Upgrading the Roof

The roof of your house is the exterior’s important component. When maintained well, the roof protects your belongings and structures from the elements as well as improves the visual appeal of your house. By replacing or refinishing the roof, you increase its durability and viability. This is particularly essential if you have an older house that has outdated or worn roofs. 

Getting a New Front Door

Upgrading the front door can improve the curb appeal of your house and offer a warm, inviting entrance for your visitors. Choosing a high-quality and energy-efficient front door can improve the insulation and security of your house. Whether you choose to have a sleek modern design or a classic wooden door, a front door upgrade will make a lasting impression. 

Improving Your Landscaping

A well-maintained lawn can transform a simple-looking yard into a breathtaking oasis. Hiring professional landscaping or improving the garden with mature trees and colorful flowers can take the appeal of your property to a higher level. Features such as outdoor lighting, garden decorations, and an irrigating system can further improve your exterior’s aesthetic and practical value. 

Repainting the House

Usually, changing the color of your home’s exterior can be affordable while boosting the value of your property. However, keep in mind that not all colors will complement the style of your house. Experts say that the exterior should only be black, vibrant, pastel, or white. For instance, black and white can offer a classic and contemporary style. Meanwhile, pastel colors can look attractive while vibrant paint colors can draw people’s attention to your home. But this color can also throw off some people. So, it is usually best to choose neutral colors.

Investing in Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting can change your home’s entire appearance and will increase its value. It can influence what people will think of your home. Lights fit into a tight budget; however, it adds a substantial value to your home.

Getting New Vinyl Windows

Old windows function poorly and look bad. Also, it results in poor insulation and increased energy bills. Changing old windows with vinyl options provides various benefits like easier cleaning, improved appeal, reduced energy costs, easier operation, reduced outside noise, and increased security. 

But to make the most out of your window project, ensure you hire professionals to install the vinyl windows for you. DIY installations can cost you more than professional installations. It’s important to pick the right materials based on your needs and make sure you choose an installer that values quality. 

Getting a New Garage Door

An outdated or poorly shaped garage door is an eyesore. With a lot of modern styles to pick from, getting a new garage door can provide your home with a new beautiful feature. 

Adding Green Space

Having special spots for various outdoor activities in your backyard can boost the appeal and value of your property. You can add a swimming pool or a chill area that has bean bags or sofas to create a relaxing environment for your family.

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