• 17th June 2024

Modern Chic Ways To Get Organized At Home

A well-organized home makes you smile all the time, and you feel confident to let people in. But there is always room to make changes, from your bedroom to the living room, the bathroom, kitchen, or even the spare rooms. You might be one who likes switching up furniture to create a new look, or you are just looking for a unique design to fit up your style. Regardless, here are some solutions to de-clutter your home and make it organized, attractive, and efficient to create space to get new pieces from fermliving.com.

Set up command hooks

In every household, there is always that unused wall. And if you are wondering what to do with it, here is the solution. Instead of taking up space in your cabinet, set up hooks and hang your pots and pans. Do it in a way that’s going to be easy to access your items,  from the biggest to the smallest.

Re-purpose Old trays and bowls

Those old bowls that you don’t use anymore or you’re about to throw out,  don’t! Instead, use them to reorganize your desk to place small items. Throw in some pins, needles, or earrings you keep losing all the time. To keep them in place, use an underneath mat to keep them from shifting when you open and close a drawer.

Towel Bar

Install a towel bar over the sink and put some hooks at designated places in the house. You can place a towel for drying hands, some measuring spoons, or anything else you want at arm’s reach. You may also have some artwork or even a house plant to make it more interesting.

Use Clear Canisters

If you do not have enough space in your kitchen, get some good quality clear cans to put your spices or cereals over the kitchen counter. This will help you know what is what and where it is. And one more thing- they look incredible and immaculate, so give it a try.

Bathroom shelf organizer

This helps keep all your things in place. It’s the perfect place to store shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, shower gel, and body washes. It will make your bathroom neat and make your work easier. It also keeps the appropriate products in the needed area.

Designate a launchpad

This is an area in your house where you keep things that you require when you’re getting out of the house. Such items include keys, a coat, or even a shopping bag. A launchpad could be right at your doorstep so that you can reach and drop off what you need without losing it along the way. Remember the repurposed bowls? You could place one here too.


Good housekeeping is not about perfection; it’s about passion and getting to make your house fit your style. You get to decorate your home as much as possible and build something comfortable for you and your loved ones. And keeping all that in order makes it even more desirable.

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