• 24th April 2024

Selecting a right layout for your kitchen: Get an idea here!

Buying a house? If yes, then you must have plenty of tasks to cater to. One of them is designing a Kitchen. A kitchen is a place where the ladies of the house spend most of their time. So, designing a space where so much of the time is being spent is too crucial. It has to be designed according to the working pattern and comfort level of the user. The foremost among the design aspects for the kitchen is the layout. Modular Kitchens have 6 different layouts choices. Here are brief understandings of those.

  1. Straight One: This is a very basic layout of a kitchen, where there is only one platform with a sink at one end of it. This is best suited for a smaller kitchen or sometimes with the orientation of the overall layout of the kitchen.
  2. The Parallel Platforms: This one is considered quite efficient in terms of organized working. The platforms provide separation as well as more working area for the person. It comes quite handy when a user is preparing two different kinds of work, like dry or wet; Baking or Cooking; Chopping or making dough, etc. This layout provides ample space for appliances and other working areas.
  3. The L- Shaped One: The L shaped layouts are quite common and could be used efficiently. For a smaller space, this is a good layout to maximize the use of the area. Even in the compact space, this layout makes a better option for segregating the working zone along with maintaining the balance of working patterns.
  4. The U – Shaped One: This is the most commonly used layouts for a bigger house. Especially when there is a big family, it serves too many tasks and more users at a time. There are a larger storage option, a much-organized area, and multi appliance space ready to use. U shaped layouts are considered well suited for a family household.
  5. The G-Shaped One: The G- shaped layout kitchen has a broader aspect. It is also called a Peninsula Layout. It has a freestanding area, though connected with the main working platform but opens from all the four sides; just like shape ‘G’. This free space could be used for a different kind of work, like reading, nibbling or other entertainments. It is very suitable for a small house giving you ample space yet with a feel of a very trendy and compact kitchen. Here, also you get enough space for storage and organizing options for comfortable working experience.
  6. The Island One: An island layout is modern as well as classic. Such layout comprises an island or you can say it a space platform in the middle of the kitchen unconnected with the main working platform in the kitchen. It mostly accompanies with L shaped or a straight kitchen. The island may or may not have a sink or oven attached to it. This area could be used for dining or other work purposes.

Consider the one which suits best to your needs and budget and enjoy working on it.

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