• 21st May 2024

Steps Taken By Urine Cleanup Service

The urine cleanup service is one which handles the cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting and most importantly, deodorizing of scenes or stationary items that have been soiled with one form of liquid excretory waste or the other. Enough of the times the cleanup service is called when a pet has rendered a particular vicinity inhabitable, other times it is usually due to human waste. This piece is all about the steps taken by the service to restore any item or scene that has been condemned due to urine of any type. These steps are being used by professional urine cleaning services in diverse regions of the world. Here they are:

Identify/locate the source

To commemorate their restoration plan, the urine cleanup service first has to locate the vicinity or item which possesses the urine trace. To actualize this accurately, the urine cleanup service needs to perform a series of tracking exercises. This is done in a bid to uproot the stain or stench from its roots. Some of these tracking exercises include performing a sniff test or a UV black light inspection on diverse areas of the affected area. This of course is done when the source of the stench is unknown.

Treat as appropriate

After the source has been identified, the next step would be to determine the appropriate method for the odor removal. The Urine cleanup service is conversant with a lot of techniques, some more professional than others, nevertheless these methods depend on the type of material or fabric that is affected. However, the aim is to treat and flush the urine by using the appropriate disinfectant and deodorizing agent. This will consequently eliminate the stain as well as the stench of the urine, exposing a new canvass which could be replaced or repainted as these deodorizing chemicals tend to decolorize surfaces as well. After the urine has been cleaned and deodorized, the cleanup service crew will still investigate surrounding areas to see if traces can be found before they leave.

Set up precautionary measures

If the urine was created by a pet, the next step to take is to apply a floor sealing or a surface cover. This will prevent future urine from seeping into the very foundation of the building or material and will make future stains easier to get rid of. This procedure can also be taken for human urine. The urine cleanup service has one task, to make that home, scene or material habitable or usable once more and they do this very meticulously. These individuals come prepped and ready to execute in diverse scenarios.

The urine cleanup service is embedded with able bodied men and women who are dedicated to the service. These individuals are trained, prepped and have the knowhow to handle diverse urine infested items and areas. Also, in situations involving odor it is advised that one refrains from sniffing out the source as this could lead to several nasal or health complications. Whenever in need, the service awaits.

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