• 25th June 2024

Streak-Free Window Cleaning Tips

Just about anyone can appreciate a squeaky-clean window and the satisfying clearness it displays. It’s not always an easy task to tackle, especially if you have towering windows on a second or third floor. For those that need professional window cleaning services, head on over to https://allsuburbswindowcleaning.com.au/ and let the window cleaning professionals take care of that glass for you. For those of you that got the DIY bug, keep reading!

Getting your windows to render as spotless as the day of their installation is the goal, but getting there can be tricky and challenging. The proper methods will avoid scratching and streaking, and make your windows so clear that you will think there is nothing between you and the great outdoors.

Before You Begin

One aspect of window cleaning that many seem to forget is picking the right weather. Pick a dry, overcast day so the cleaner does not dry onto the window before you can wipe it off. If you have no other choice than to clean on a hot and sunny day, try to clean the windows that are in the shade. Before applying a single drop of cleaner, remove any loose dirt and dust from the window frame. Otherwise, you will end up with a muddy and messy window.

Choosing Glass Cleaner

The market is flooded with glass cleaner solutions, from synthetic to homemade concoctions, so it may seem a bit daunting picking the right one. Luckily, there are a few key factors to look out for to narrow the list of options. Avoid cleaners that use alcohol or ammonia as a primary base. Cleaners with these ingredients are actually more prone to streaking and leaving a thin film on your window. There is a use for alcohol, and that is in tough spots that standard glass cleaners just will not get out. You can always go back and clean the alcohol applied spots with the regular cleaner. Beyond these aspects, most cleaners will do the job.

Using the Right Cloth

The cloth can actually be more critical than the cleaner. Use a lint-free, soft cloth or wipe such as a microfiber cloth or even a strong paper towel. They are very absorbent, washable, and leave your windows with a streak-free and shiny finish. Make sure you have a few on hand to cover the number of windows to plan to clean.

Applying the Proper Technique

Using a spray bottle allows you to achieve an even application of the cleaner. Give your window a couple of sprays to cover the window with a light coating of cleaner. Wipe the cleaner away in a circular motion until the area you are wiping dries. If the microfiber cloth begins to streak the cleaner rather than absorb it, you will want to switch to a dry rag promptly. Inspect the window for streaks and if you find some, apply another light spray of the cleaner and wipe it away again until the streaks are gone.


Cleaning your windows once or twice per year is generally all that is required, so you do not fall behind. If you have an enormous number of windows, try breaking it down by room and rotate cleaning each room. These materials, techniques, and schedules will keep your windows looking as sharp and spotless as the day they were installed.

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