• 25th June 2024

Three Tips For Success Storage Unit Packing


Storage units can be lifesavers for people with too much stuff. Renovators often find their home or business unlivable during the construction. Families and small business owners find that the accumulation of stuff eventually reaches a critical point. Sometimes you need an extra room to put all your stuff. Storage units are your answer, but there are some things to know about the packing process.

Packing Tips To Maximize Your Storage Facility Space

Using Vertical Space

First-time storage users often make the mistake of not properly managing vertical space. Prepare to use plastic storage containers or very sturdy boxes on the ground. These boxes should be small and filled with the heaviest items.

Lighter items can be layered on top by weight. The critical point is to pack at home in preparation for this layered approach, rather than thinking about weight at the facility.

Prepare For Moisture

Remember that storage units that are not regularly ventilated or air-conditioned can collect moisture. Consider using a plastic tarp over the floors and vacuum sealing any materials that are easily damaged by humidity. Baking soda or other moisture-absorbing products can be placed inside the unit for further protection.

Scratch Protection

The process of moving items into and out of the storage unit can have casualties. Wrapping furniture in tarps, blankets, or other scratch-resistant barriers can protect your larger valuables from damage.

Think About The Exit Plan

Never forget that you will need to pull items out of the storage unit at some point. Make sure you carefully label and seal boxes.  Try to keep items separated by room, so they can be unpacked and put away quickly.

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