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Tourist Destination of Bintan Island

Are you one of the people who prefer to travel? For those of you who like travelling, might not be foreign to the title of Bintan Island. The island next to Singapore is the biggest island found in the Riau Islands, which is composed of 3000 islands big and little, which must be quite exciting and very convenient to be a tourist location for you.

Bintan not just has several islands, but also has exceptional all-natural beauty. Bintan Island is presently one of the favourite tourists in Riau Islands Province.

When you first hear the word Bintan, maybe you will think that there are a few exciting resorts to visit. Do not get me wrong, the natural spectacle there’s not any less good with the perspective at Bali, Lombok or even Batam.

The beauty of nature and cultures possessed by Bintan Island certainly can force you to envision beautiful shores, followed by luxury hotels. Bintan Island is quite near Singapore and also one of the biggest islands in Riau Islands Province.

Sakera Beach

Perhaps a little strange with the name of this beach. But this beach is best for you who wish to travel affordably. It’s also acceptable for tours. The water always has ups and downs but will be shallow.

That means you may also swim at this beach. If at low tide you can also locate shells around the shore. The beach is situated north-west of Bintan Island and will take up to 2.5 hours out of Tanjung Pinang.

Senggiling Beach

This beach may seem unknown to some people, as it’s still not a lot of tourists who arrive at Beach Pangolin. On the contrary to Trikora Beach that already many people understand, the scenery of Senggiling Beach isn’t less lovely for you who want to relax even searching for peace.

However, do not expect the facilities, since this beach is not such crowded visitors. But for all those of you who want to travel cheaply and inexpensively, this beach is excellent for those who wish to sterile.

Vihara Avalokitesvara

Tourist attraction in Bintan is not only a beach or forest. There are also some tourist attractions, namely Avalokitesvara Vihara. The monastery, known as the biggest monastery in the world, is situated in Water King Village about 14 Km in Tanjung Pinang City Center. Its clean and neat place is fantastic for you who wish to have fun.

Inside this monastery, you’ll be shown a million faces statue along with also the most intriguing you will find a statue of the Goddess Kuan Yin Phu Sha who had been crowned by the Museum Rekor Indonesia since the most splendid statue of Goddess Kuan Yin who had been in the area. Besides this magnificent building within this temple, there are also gardens and gardens are all arranged.

If you would like to see and take photographs, it’d be fine for those who asked the officers that components to see rather than. With this, Vihara is a place to worship too.

Penyusuk Island

The island is situated about 40 minutes from Trikora Beach one. This area is so beautiful and comfortable, the sea is still clean, and a few dead corals create beauty as far as the eye can see. And also for all those of you who like snorkelling, convinced that this is the ideal place for you since this place is referred to as a ski paradise.

Behind this component of the island is also a herbaceous plant, so it is suitable for those who want to camp, but do not forget to bring drinking water because in this island there’s not any freshwater source. Even though the scenery is so beautiful. But unfortunately with this particular island there are still relatively rare tourists who come.

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