• 25th April 2024

Unique Cake Flavours To Try

The moment you hear the words “cake”, your mouth starts watering and that one specific flavour pops in your head. Cakes are the most delicious dessert ever and have been a part of our celebrations for as long as we can remember. Over the years, we have experimented a lot with traditional cakes to come up with different flavours and textures. There are plenty of cakes available in the market that are different yet some traditional, these flavours are extremely unique and are the result of mixing and testing of experienced bakers from around the world. So if you are a cake enthusiast, then you must try these uniquely lip-smacking cakes today.

Tangy Lemon Cake with Raspberry Frosting- These two flavours have only one thing in common, that tangy kick. Lemon and raspberry taste amazing together because of the tangy taste. Lemon cakes are mostly more sweet than tangy, raspberry enhances both and make a new fruity flavour. It is actually surprising how this cake is not more popular.

Apple Cake with Salty Caramel- The duo of apples and caramel is not new, caramel-coated apples have been around for ages, but a cake made of apples, decorated with salty, creamy frosting and layered with caramel? Now that is new and it is making everyone’s mouths water. These cakes bring together a sweet and salty flavour that tastes absolutely amazing.

Tropical Fruit Cake- Fruit cakes are extremely popular and loved but tropical fruit cakes are still kinda living in the shadows. Tropical fruits like Guava, passion fruits, Lychee, Mangos etc, are absolutely delicious and the perfect match for any cake. Though mango cakes are popular, other tropical fruit cakes are also amazing. They can be matched with different flavour frostings or the frosting can be made out of their own flavour. This is a must-try for all fruit and cake lovers.

Overloaded Chocolate Cakes- This cake is made especially for those who love chocolates a little too much. Everything in this cake is made with chocolate, cake, frosting, layering and even decor, everything done with sheer dark chocolate. This cake is very different from normal chocolate cakes as it brings that bittersweet taste to the cake that can be unbearing for some people. So try it if you dare!

Rose and Pistachio Cakes- Do not confuse this one cake with any other dry fruit cake. This cake is made purely out of pistachios and infused with the amazing aroma and frosting of fresh roses. It tastes like summer in your mouth. If you want you can enhance the taste and looks from your end with some rainbow sprinkles.

Filter Coffee Cake- Coffee cakes are well known for their amazing aroma and chocolaty coffee taste, but this cake is special. The base of the cake is made with vanilla or chocolate if you prefer that and the entire cake is infused with freshly brewed filter coffee. The aroma of vanilla and coffee combined is enough to make any coffee lover go weak in the knees.

Gulab Jamun Cakes- This cake is especially for all the Indian sweet lovers in the house. Gulab Jamun cakes are made out of the namesake Indian dessert and you can add any other sweet like ras malai or rasgulla into the mix. The cake is mostly layered with lots of ice cream making it even more sugary and delicious. So, try this desi cake if you love both sweets and India.

Cakes are definitely one of the favourite dishes of anyone who loves desserts. Cake brings back memories from the happiest occasions and now you can get this joy delivered right at your doorstep with Bakingo online cake order in Noida and other 20+ cities. Order today and enjoy!

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