• 25th June 2024

What Is the Best Free Recovery Software for PC to Recover Deleted Data?

Loss of data while working on PC is a common problem that we face nowadays. The reason for data loss can be any this can be due to inattentiveness of users which in turn accidentally deletes the data, physical or logical damage to devices, etc. But no need to worry there are several free recovery software for PC available in the market. Using this free tool one can ideally recover any type of file. Recovery of a broad number of files including documents, audio, video files, and files with many different file formats can be recovered from the PC with free recovery software for PC.

Reasons for Data Loss and the Probable Remedy

It is very common for PC users to face the problems of data loss. But if we can identify the basic reason for losing data then we can avert the possibilities of losing it. Though there are many ways to recover deleted files, but still, we need to be aware of the situation. 

The most probable cause is the attack and corruption caused by viruses and other malicious software. These may cause widespread data breaches and may result in loss of data permanently. However, we should keep ourselves updated with the best practices of having an antivirus installed in our systems. Also corruption in files can also lead to data loss. Accidental deletion, format of any device may also lead to data loss.

However abrupt shutdown of PC, sudden power failure in turn corrupt the files and results in loss of data provided the files where open before shutdown or failure. Also, one must employ power backups to ensure the smooth running of the computer. So we may install the UPS system in the addition of the conventional power that we use. However, if we have encountered any such data loss problems then to recover deleted files approach professional and authentic free data recovery software to recover files in all data loss situations.

Features of the Best Free Data Recovery Software for PC

There are N numbers of free data recovery softwares available in the market. However, to choose the best among them is quite a time consuming task. So to make your work easy and to save your time here are some parameters which in turn defines the best free data recovery software. Let’s understand the parameters:

  • Support Varied file formats: The primary requirement of best free data recovery software should be that it should recover all kind of files formats.
  • Recover Data in all Situations: It should also recover data from NTFS, FAT or exFAT formatted hard drives. The free software should also be able to recover data from partition losses or OS crashes. 
  • Safe to use: The software should be 100% safe to use and download. Also, the files recovered must not be corrupted and they should be intact and secure as the original files.  
  • Utility of Software with PC: The free data recovery software should be compatible with your PC (System).
  • Easy to use interface: The software should offer easy interface for first time users.
  • Recovery from Multiple storage devices: A free recovery software should not only recover data from PC but should also support SD card, memory card, digital camera, Windows and mac system, etc.

However, considering above parameters Stellar Data Recovery India has proven to be the best in terms of data recovery. Crafted with the best minds of India this is a completely Indian product and as you go vocal for local you can use it safely. The software offers free recovery of data up to 1 GB.

By using Stellar Free Data Recovery you can recover files from any system be it Windows or Mac. Thus all your major file types are recovered. Photos, music, and all other favourite items that are deleted and all other essential data files are recovered. The software is 100% safe to download and use and offers user – friendly interface.

Steps to recover data using Stellar Free Data Recovery Software

Step 1: Once you have downloaded the software, install, and run it. From the main interface, you will have to select the file types you want to recover. 

Choose your preferred file type from the option or you can select them all. Click on ‘Next’ button.

Step 2: A new window will be opened.  Select the location from where the files have been deleted and hit the ‘SCAN’ bottom.

Step 3:

A scan will be performed automatically. Once it gets hold of the files it will stop or else it will show another option of Deep Scan. You can do it by hitting the ‘ Click Here’ icon.

Step 4:

After the scan is complete you will be forwarded to another window which will contain the list of files to be recovered. Click on to check your desired files and then preview it. After this, select the files you want to recover and hit on ‘Recover’ button.

Step 5: A pop-up will be opened directing you to select the location to keep the recovered files. You can select by browsing the location. After this click on start saving and recover deleted files happily.


In case of any data loss, the availability of data recovery software increases. However, to make a right choice by relying on some parameters you can recover deleted files safely. Unarguably the best authentic software is stellar free data recovery software. Being a complete product of India it is most safe and simple to use. In the simplest of ways, you will sail through the process of your data recovery with stellar data recovery India at your side.

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