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What should you look for before buying kalidar kurta sets?

Kalidar kurta sets are the new traditional attires for a bride’s Roka ceremony. Kalidar kurta sets are hand weaved in several fabrics such as chikankari, chiffon, net. 

The timeless beauty of kalidar sets have been popular in South Asia. With hand weaved embroidery embellished with threads, miniature stone work, and chikankari, kalidar gives a traditional princess look to a bride-to-be. 


You need to look for these factors before buying Kalidar Kurta Sets:

  1. Fabric: 

The fabric of the kurta should be very good and should not be that heavy or thin. It must also be soft and pleasant on your skin as it is close to your body during a ceremony that can last up to four hours. Fabrics infused with pure silk or expensive polyester will make you feel smooth and luxurious all day long.

  1. Work: 

The work on the kurta should be very elaborate and well-executed. Look for threadwork, embroidery, zari, Patti, etc. The handwork must be done perfectly by someone who has years of experience in doing this type of work. If you are looking to spend a little more on your kurta then it is worth it because you can always club that shirt with a pair of pants or pantaloons, thus making the entire combination look premium. Buy kalidar kurta kurta sets online as the work on the kurta is amazingly beautiful and hand weaved by DollyJ designers. 

  1. Color/Style: 

There are several choices when it comes to the color and style of Kurtas. Unfortunately, we can’t pick our own color and style. We must just go by the choices available in the market. It is good to see a few styles and colors of kurtas like Kangra, golden, golden nets, and geometrics.

  1. Size: 

Most of the brands make their kurtas in many different sizes. These sizes are S, M, L, and XL. When you come to know about your size, look for two numbers: the size of the kurta and the size of your chest (measured in inches). So for example: if your chest size is 36 inches then you can go for a size L kurta.

  1. Material: 

The quality of the material should be very good and must feel soft and smooth on your skin. Most of the kurtas that we see in the market are made from polyester or polyester blends. Look for hand-loomed fabrics such as Chikankari, Malla, Net, and others.

Here are some kinds of Kalidar Kurta Sets you need to know for your wedding ceremony or sangeet night: 

  1. Chikankari kalidar kurta set:

Chikankari gives more of a subtle vibe. Whether you ceremony is at night or at an outside venue during daytime, you don’t have to worry about your attire irritating your skin. 

A bride can be the most comfortable in chikankari kalidar kurta sets

In chikankari we offer a fusion of georgette-chikankari and chiffon-chikankari kalidar. When we fuse two fabrics together the result is surprisingly amusing to the eyes. And with embellished dupatta it just induces the demand of the set more and more. 

If you’re on a quest to find the best fit for your wedding then, georgette-chikankari style should be your go-to choice. 

  1. Chiffon full length kalidar kurta set:

This category of kalidar has the most embellishments and heavy work on the fabric. Be the talk of the town and experience the elegance of this shining beauty. 

Silk chiffon kalidar set is a jaw dropping outfit. The rich fabric is highlighted with sequins and cut-dana embroidery and teamed with an embroidered tulle dupatta. 

Finish off the look with natural makeup and choker jewellery. As the sleeves cover the hands there’s no need to accessorise it. 

  1. Kamdani kalidar set:

This fashion forward kalidar suit is Ivory kamdani chiffon floor length anarkali with parsi dori embroidery. 

To enhance the beauty of the attire, a belt with embroidery is included as well. Now avail the benefit of a modern yet traditional bride by wearing this kalidar kurta set down the aisle. 


Before buying a kalidar kurta consider several things in mind such as the fabric, the material used, is it worth the cost?, and color and style. 

Your budget plays a crucial role in the purchasing of wedding dresses. 

If you’re buying a kalidar kurta set online for your wedding then georgette-chikankari and silk-chiffon is the go-to option to slay the aisle. 

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