• 20th July 2024

What to Consider When Applying for an Artist Visa

Performing in the US is an experience everyone would want to achieve. But to have peace while you perform, you need to have an artist visa. To get this visa, your extraordinary abilities must be recognized nationally and internationally.

Acquiring an artist visa in the US isn’t an easy thing currently because of the immigration rules that are in place. To prove that you have extraordinary abilities, you’ll need a lawyer or lawyers who can petition your case and prove your claim.

Here are some things you need to consider before applying for an artist visa.

  1. A Portfolio

This is an updated compilation of your past work. You need to show your awards and credits and if possible, quote names of some prominent people in the industry that you’ve worked with to the petition officer. Let the officer feel you’re a big deal, and if he gives you the approval, you’ll not disappoint his expectations in whatever industry you are in. To get this credibility, you may need to conduct a lot of community outreach and advertise your gigs to be famous.

It’s not a guarantee that you’ll get approved during your first visit. Petitions of people with big names and credits have been rejected in the past and yours may be rejected too. When that happens, don’t despair. Instead, take some time to establish more working relationships and build more credits before trying again. That way, you may increase your chances of getting an approval.

  1. Sponsors

You can obtain sponsorship by working with a US-based employer. Examples of such employers include agents, managers, and theatre companies. When you have a professional relationship with these employers, they can send a petition to the visa lords on your behalf. For them to do this, the sponsors may require you to work for them for the period of the validity that the visa is valid.

However, if you want to be independent, you can request somebody to be a non-employer sponsor for you. Such a sponsor will need to sign a I-129 form severally as your representative. The sponsor may also act as a referee that a potential employer may consult to confirm details about the visa. Working with a non-employer sponsor may require you to have some deal memos.

  1. Positive Press Reviews

The easiest way to receive a positive press review is to appear in an interesting movie or any other form of art entertainment. Better still, you need to ensure that you receive accolades from such productions to rustle the press. When you gain a celebrity status, you’ll have fans, friends, and colleagues who’ll be ready to promote your work through various social media platforms. Getting a podcast interview for your next project may also help you plug your work.

Apart from appearing on entertainment platforms, you can also get positive reviews by contacting both well-known and and lesser known magazines. The articles that you submit to these magazines, may be published in their columns and make you famous. Once you become a household name, you’ll become popular even to the visa agents.

The Bottom-line

Receiving an artist visa can be a challenging task if your work isn’t we’ll know among US residents. Therefore, to receive publicity, you need to have positive press reviews, build an incredible portfolio, and have well-known sponsors.

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