• 25th June 2024

What you need to know about online therapy?

Shopping, education, and entertainment are now available online thanks to technological advancements. No exception applies to the field of mental health. Recent years have seen a surge in online counseling and therapy. Video conferencing, messaging, or phone calls are common methods of delivering online therapy services. Individuals can obtain mental health services without leaving their homes or workplace. The COVID-19 pandemic has further boosted the demand for online therapy services as people are hesitant to visit clinics or hospitals due to fear of contracting the virus. Many governments have also encouraged telehealth services like online therapy during these challenging times.

Benefits of online therapy

  • Convenient: Individuals can attend virtual therapy sessions from anywhere with an internet connection- be it their home or office.
  • Accessible: get online therapy makes mental health services accessible to people who live in remote areas where there are no clinics or hospitals nearby. Additionally, individuals with disabilities or mobility issues can easily access virtual therapy sessions without any physical barriers.
  • Affordable: Traditional face-to-face counseling sessions can be expensive due to overhead costs associated with running a clinic such as rent, utilities, insurance, etc. However, online therapists do not have these expenses; hence they charge lower fees compared to traditional therapists.
  • Confidentiality: Fear of judgment or social stigma often prevents people from seeking mental health care. With online therapy services being conducted virtually and securely encrypted software used for communication, clients can feel safe and secure while seeking help.
  • Time-saving: Online therapy sessions are usually shorter than traditional in-person counseling sessions. In addition, online therapists provide more focused treatment, which saves both therapists and clients time.

hHw does online therapy work?

Online therapy works just like traditional face-to-face counseling but uses telecommunication technology instead. The process usually begins with an initial consultation where clients meet with their therapist via video conferencing software like Zoom or Skype. Clients discuss their mental health concerns with their therapist, who develops a treatment plan accordingly. The subsequent virtual therapy sessions involve talking to your counselor through video calls or messaging platforms. Clients have access to professional support from licensed therapists who provide them with tools and techniques to manage their symptoms effectively.

Types of online therapy

  • Video Conferencing: A video conference involves real-time communication between the therapist and the client. This method closely resembles traditional face-to-face counseling sessions.
  • Phone Counseling: Phone counseling involves therapy sessions conducted over the phone. Individuals without reliable internet connections and those who prefer voice-only communication can take advantage of this option.
  • Messaging Therapy: Messaging therapy involves communicating with your therapist through messaging platforms like WhatsApp or Skype chat. Therapists respond within 24 hours to messages sent by clients.
  • Email Therapy: Email therapy involves exchanging emails with your therapist. Clients write down their concerns in an email, which is then responded to by the therapist. This type of therapy has its drawbacks as it lacks real-time communication and may not be suitable for individuals requiring immediate assistance.

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