• 25th June 2024

Which shower gel is suitable for dry skin

Dry skin is one of the most troublesome skin types. This type of skin dries quickly and is often even white and flaky. It needs intense hydration all the time. People with this skin type tend to go for all kinds of hydrating products for their skin. This includes a hydrating face wash, toner, Moisturiser, body lotion etc. What about shower gels? Is there a particular kind of shower gel a dry skin type must look at?

The answer is yes. Shower gels are known to be softer and gentler than soaps. Most shower gels contain essential oils like jojoba oil, soybean oil and coconut oil. Dry skin types must choose a shower gel that markets itself as a hydrating and gentle shower gel. A Fiama Shower Gel is the best shower gel for dry skin types. It is mild and filled with skin conditioners and essential oils that hydrate and soften the skin. It does not contain any harsh chemicals &is safe to use. It has a gentle and pleasant fragrance that is long-lasting, giving you a wonderful bath experience.

Here are some features of a shower gel you should look at if you have dry skin:

Essential oils and skin conditioners

Essential oils and skin conditioners are relaxing and calming. They will not irritate the skin and in fact, will soothe it. These ingredients reduce inflammation &moisturise the skin. Overall, they elevate the bathing experience and make it pleasant smelling and luxurious. Additionally, a small amount of Hyaluronic Acid also makes for a good dry skin shower gel. This ingredient is known for its hydrating benefits and will help dry skin in good measure.


Another feature to look out for in shower gels is exfoliants. Dry skin brings out flakiness and dead skin cells. These need to be exfoliated and gentle, natural exfoliants or beads also help. Some natural exfoliants include walnut and sugar. These must be finely powdered and then added to the body wash. Big particles might not be ideal for dry skin.

When washing, dry skin types are also advised to not use loofahs or brushes to exfoliate their skin as these can be too harsh. Instead, experts suggest the usage of fingertips to exfoliate. These will work with the exfoliant present in the body wash to remove dirt and dead skin cells without causing a reaction.

People with dry skin must not excessively rub towels on themselves after a bath. Instead, they must pat dry themselves gently and use a body lotion to increase hydration in their skin.

No harsh chemicals or heavy fragrances

Harsh chemicals are not meant for everyone. Dry skin might not be as vulnerable as sensitive skin, but it still does not do well with harsh chemicals or strong fragrances. These can cause reactions, especially for people who suffer from eczema. Added fragrances, if mild or natural are not harmful and can be used.

Fiama’s new range of shower gels plus body wash, Fiama Gel + Cream body wash is a mix of a body wash’s gentle creaminess and a shower gel’s expert cleansing. This range is perfect for dry skin types as it gives clean skin with added moisture. All of the products in this range also have added natural ingredients like Almond cream, Brahmakamalam, Ashwagandha, Vitamin E etc!

Note: It is important for dry skin types to carefully check the labels of products before purchasing. The key is to find a product that is gentle, hydrating and filled with some natural ingredients.

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