• 21st May 2024

Why Sustainable Fashion Is Not Stable and Ways to Maintain it

Sustainable fashion is similar to Sustainable Clothing i.e., fashion includes all the clothes which are taken to be sustainable. Therefore, a sustainable fashion/clothing industry functions for a long time and the future to come.

However, this approach is not held for much importance in today’s time. People are running towards producing clothes in real urgency. Thereafter, these clothes are sold at highly cheap prices leading to labor exploitation. Moreover, these clothes are formed from such material which depletes the animal species to a great extent which is a direct threat to our Earth.

The earth wardrobe is an official company that keeps the problem of sustainability in their minds and producing organic clothing as well as eco-friendly clothing. They tend to encourage the recycling of clothes and buying clothes that are produced or manufactured by those companies which believe in an environmentally friendly and ethical state of life.

There are microfibers involved during the manufacturing of our clothing. Once people wash this into rivers or oceans or even dispose of them randomly, these fibers severely harm marine life and the original substances in the ocean. This water only comes to us in the form of drinking and bathing water. Therefore, us harming the water is nothing but harming ourselves.

The earth wardrobe brings to you some really exciting offers of organic clothing which can be used for a long time as compared to toxic clothes. Their price range is also taken to be affordable and amazing. If you want to buy or are interested in buying anything from their store then you must check out their official website. This is the company that is rapidly increasing the sustainable movement in society.

Now, we know that why sustainable fashion is not maintained well. Therefore, let us know something about how to maintain it so that we can take the necessary steps in the right direction.

Ways of Maintaining Sustainable Clothing 

  • Buy better and buy less amount – When we are buying clothes, we tend to always want everything that we see in front of our eyes. However, the more clothes we buy from some non-sustainable store the more we encourage them to produce such items. Thus, always ask you 3 major questions before purchasing. Why are you buying the cloth? Do you need it? Will you wear it at least 20 times?
  • Only go to Sustainable Brand – Always reach out to some sustainable brand that believes in recycling and the protection of the environment. Like this, you will encourage sustainable clothing.
  • Go for a Second Hand – When you are planning to fill your wardrobe you must look out for clothes that have love in them i.e., second-hand clothes. By doing this you will highly keep the protection of the environment in your mind and you would also protect it.
  • Knowledge of the Material Used – When you buy clothes you must have in mind and knowledge about the material that has been used to manufacture that particular piece of cloth. If it is not of any danger then you should buy it but, if the material is harmful, you should avoid it.

Thus, know what you are buying and follow sustainability to save your environment for future generations.

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