• 25th April 2024

Why your lifestyle is killing you by infecting your lungs

One of the most common problems faced by people today is breathing problem. There are many reasons for it including the rising air pollution or innate disorder. However, the major problem that is causing breathing problems in most of the people is their own lifestyle.

How people’s lifestyles are responsible for their breathing issues

A large number of people today are smokers. Generally, a normal smoker smokes about 3-4 cigarettes a day. It is no rocket science that smoking affects your lungs and it is harmful for you. Most of the smokers do not care about that fact. However, smoking also has negative effects on the people around you.

It is not only destroying your lungs but also causing serious health issues to the lungs of people in your vicinity. These people are referred to as passive smokers. They are not smoking but they are inhaling the same smoke exhaled by a smoker in their vicinity. Most of the smokers tend to forget this every time.

What are some of the issues caused by smoking?

Smoking accumulates tar in your lungs. It may cause severe bronchitis, also refer to as acute bronchitis. In a long run, it could reduce your longevity and may make you prone to other lung infections.

What to do when you feel chest pain or any other symptoms of bronchitis

If you are a chain smoker, you must try to quit smoking by taking professional help. If you feel that there is something wrong in your chest, like it is burning or you are coughing a lot, you must seek immediate medical attention.

A doctor might suggest rigid bronchoscopy to diagnose any airway disease that you might have. They also use it to treat you once the diagnosis is done.

It is hard to stay healthy today especially with the amount of pollution in the atmosphere. However, you should try your best by staying away from smoking at least.

How bronchiectasis influences your body?

Bronchiectasis is a long-term problem that can be treated but cannot be totally cured. The capabilities of your lung slowly aggravate over years. People with bronchiectasis have good as well as bad phases. Throughout hard times, they have flare-ups, referred to as worsening. Flare-ups can last days or weeks. They differ in intensity. The quicker individuals get treatment, the less damages the infection does to the lungs. Along with medicines, other treatments can help to prevent intensifying lung function.

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