• 13th July 2024

4 Amazing Capes to Keep you Effortlessly Stylish and Warm During Winters

Styling during winters is one of the most difficult tasks. All you can think about is keeping warm. But that pinch of not being able to wear appealing and stylish clothes is something that never leaves anybody’s mind. Designers feel you too. Which is why they keep coming up with interesting dressing apparels that are a blend of warmth and style and one of those stylish products are capes. By the by, this guide has been designed for all you ladies who have been struggling with dressing the right way for winters. Have a look at the following Wolfie Fur cashmere capes and look stunning in a jiffy with minimal efforts. 

  1. The JAJA Shawl Collar Capelet

This beautiful cape in pure Danish Mink is a cozy warm cape that looks exquisite in a black cross hue that it flaunts. It has the following features that make it so appealing and comfy to wear. 

  • It has stylish short sleeves that’ll easily come upto your elbows. 
  • It has a crisp shawl collar that looks truly sophisticated.

You can buy this stunner at just 995$ on sale. 

  1. The Lily-Rose Twin Set Cashmere Cape

Available in a gamut of colours – black, vanilla, platinum, and maple brown – this pure cashmere cape of Finnish-origin is just the right blend between sophistication and simplicity. It looks so enchanting and is a great collection for the winter season because of the following reasons.

  • It has real fox fur trims.
  • It’s a two-piece garment with attached snaps.
  • It has a beautiful front hook closure.

You can buy it at just 1095$ on sale. 

  1. PAMI Cashmere Hood Cape

This is a stellar cape with a hood and is available in many colours – Denim blue, oatmeal brown, black, vanilla, brown, charcoal grey, and navy blue. Some of its must know features are as follows.

  • The hoodie trim is pure real fox hair.
  • There’s stunning leather trim on hand slits.

It has a pure Finnish origin and can be purchased at just 1250$ on sale. 

  1. Destiny Cashmere Cape Plus Fit

This is a beautiful cashmere blend fur cape with the following stunning features that make it winter suitable. 

  • It has a tall fit.
  • It flaunts real fox fur trim on cuffs and collar.
  • It has a snap sleeve closure and its pockets feature real leather edge.

Available in a number of interesting colours – black, olive green, maple brown, navy blue, and grape purple – you can buy this beautiful cashmere cape at just 1699$ on sale. 

On a parting note, though they do not require frequent cleaning, still, whenever you do feel the need to clean your capes, get them dry cleaned by professionals only.

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