• 25th June 2024

What are the resources to Download MAT Question Papers?

Management Aptitude Test is a national-level exam, also known as MAT. MAT is conducted four times in a year. The exam is conducted by AIMA, i.e., All India Management Association. Every year, nearly 80,000 students who wish to complete their post-graduation in management studies appear for this exam. This exam is conducted both in online and offline modes. It is held for encouraging establishments or institutions to choose eligible students for admission in their respective management programs.

  • Decoding Sample Papers and Previous Years’ Question Papers:

One of the significant angles while getting ready for the test is to plan through previous-year MAT question papers. It is critical to have the whereabouts of the front line to accomplish triumph. Likewise, to score well, one should have previous-year MAT sample papers. With the assistance of MAT question papers, competitors can have a thought regarding the MAT test design, sort of inquiries and trouble level of the sample paper. Additional sample papers of MAT 2021 will make the students more acquainted with the actual test day’s environment. Applicants would come to know about the resources to download the previous year question papers from this article.

  • Websites that will Bring Forth the Premier One:

There are various resources through which you can download MAT questions papers. Either you can have MAT sample papers from which you can gain a basic idea of the paper pattern of the paper or else you can also have previous-year question papers, by which you will come to know about the actual difficulty level of that exam.

  • For the sample paper and mock test, you can visit AIMA’s official website. Here’s the official website of AIMA: https://mat.aima.in/ibtmocktest/. Once you are on the site, you will have to log in with your registered email ID, which you entered while registering for the MAT exam.
  • After that, you will also have to enter the password and press “Login.” Then, by clicking on “Start Mock Test,” you will enter the virtual exam room where you can practise your test.
  • On the other hand, there are many other sites from which you can download the previous years’ question papers—sites like “Jagranjosh,” “Cracku,” “Embibe,” whose actual links are given below.
  • These are some of the most prominent websites which directly provide you with the sample papers or the previous years’ question papers.

Here are the links which will redirect you to some of these websites:

  • https://www.jagranjosh.com/articles/mat-previous-8-years-solved-question-papers-1362660266-1
  • https://www.embibe.com/exams/mat-question-papers/
  • https://cracku.in/mat-previous-papers
  • https://www.mattest.in/mat-previous-papers/
  • https://bschool.careers360.com/download/sample-papers/mat-previous-year-solved-paper
  • “Applications” that Are Worthwhile:


Behalf of all this, there are many other applications on Google Play Store and other browsers, such as UC Browser. In a nutshell, the applications called “apps” will also provide you with the study material more precisely with previous-years’ question papers and the sample papers. Apps like:

  • MAT Exam Previous Papers Free Practice
  • MAT Exam 2020: Preparation
  • MAT Exam

and the list continues…

  • If Nowhere, then Just “Google” it:

On top of all this, we have the “Google Search Engine,” where only a rudimentary search can be worthwhile. Because it consists of uncountable and inestimable websites and apps through which you can get the most suitable one or even the specific one, you are looking for. Just look over all these resources from where you can have your exam papers and have a blast in your exams!

Get all details of MAT 2021 exam like dates, application form, syllabus, admit card, results, pattern, preparation tips, question papers, and more at https://www.shiksha.com/mba/mat-exam

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