• 24th April 2024

 4 Reasons to Use Machine Stretch Film 

Incorporating machine stretch film into your packaging process is a great way to cut down on the time you spend packaging whilst also making your packaging more consistent. Occasionally, hand stretch wrapping can cause inconsistencies to occur in the packaging process. While on the surface this may not seem like a deal-breaker, the packaging of a product is the first thing the customer sees when their goods arrive, so it’s important to get it right.

When you make sure your packaging is always consistent and presentable, this can lead to customers having a more positive impression of your business from day one. This article will go over these as well as other reasons why you should use machine stretch film

H2: Superior Protection Against Dust & Moisture

One of the best reasons to use machine stretch film is the fact that the consistency of the packaging will lead to a significant decrease in tearing during transit, giving your packaged goods superior protection against dust and moisture. Secure machine wrapping also means that your goods will have even greater resistance to any impact damage that may occur during transit.

Increased Employee Safety

While hand stretch wrapping is a relatively straightforward process and usually doesn’t cause injury, there’s no denying that delegating tasks to machines increases overall employee safety. Machine stretch film will mitigate the number of employees walking onto the warehouse floor, helping to decrease employee accident and injury rates. 

Hand stretch wrapping can also cause occasional physical injuries to employees due to the physical and somewhat strenuous nature of the task itself. Machine stretch wrapping machines require very little physical interaction from employees, meaning there’s very little possibility of an injury occurring. This also frees them up to attend to other warehousing tasks. 

 Saves Time for All Employees

If one task in a warehouse runs over schedule, it will usually have a knock-on effect across all operations, leading to a decrease or halt in productivity. Machine stretch film takes the tedium and time-consuming nature out of wrapping goods and instead frees up more time to complete other tasks around the warehouse. This could lead to a significant increase in the overall productivity of your warehouse, as the time savings will have a positive knock-on effect across all business processes.

Cost Savings

With machine stretch film, operators can specifically define how much film is to be used for packaging a particular good, as well as how many layers of wrap the goods will need. Sometimes when hand stretch wrapping, employees may guess how much wrap a pallet or other goods need or simply wrap more layers than necessary around the goods, resulting in wastage of both money and time. 

Most wrapping machines have two film thread rollers where the second roller’s rotational speed is higher than the first, which stretches the film even further. This increases the overall tensile strength of the film and means you’ll get more film out of every wrap, helping to reduce costs in the long term.

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