• 26th May 2024

4 Top of the rank tourist destination sites in Australia

Australia is arguably one of the world’s most preferred tourist destination sites. This is a country with the quirkiest wildlife on earth, scorched red deserts, rainforests, and spectacular beauty. There are vast sand islands, ancient forests, the Great Barrier Reef. Whatever you have been looking for in adventure travel; the red- earthed deserts and rugged national parks are the epitome of the offerings of nature. The people on this side of the world are amazing; so welcoming and hospitable that everyone wants to visit this place.

Continue reading and see some of Australia’s top attractions sites

The Great Barrier Reef marine

One of the largest living structures, as listed by World Heritage, is the Great Barrier Reef.  This was established to protect more than 6000 continental islands and coral reefs. This includes over 300 coral cays and the mangrove islands. The park is along Australia’s east coast near the state of Queensland and it is 2300 kilometers stretch. If you love diving or snorkeling, you will enjoy the spectacular environment. You also get a view of more than 1700 species of fish sharks, dolphins, giant clams and such. There are also underwater viewing stations where you can view the reef from without getting wet.

Uluru- kata Tjuta National park

Uluru is one of the most photographed natural wonders in this country. It is at the heart of Australia’s Red Center, a world’s heritage and is managed by traditional land owners-the Anangu people and Parks Australia. Uluru is a local name which means a shadowy area in the local dialect and it is 35o meters high. The bulk of it is hidden beneath the earth’s surface, with dome-shaped rocks called Kata Tjuta. Sightseers gather at the sun and go down to watch as the Uluru and Kata transform into different colors under the sun. If you want to appreciate this site, get a reliable Uluru Tours company who know the place and has an experience of different views that you expect at different times of the day.

The Blue Mountains national park

This world heritage site is another spectacular tourist attraction site that lies 81 kilometers west of Sydney and it gets the name from the many eucalyptus trees and the park protects more than 700,000 acres of waterfalls, rock paintings, and hiking trails. The sandstone rock formations are also some of the famous attraction sites. Another site of attraction is the Katoomba Scenic railway, the world’s steepest running down the Jamison valley. 

The city of Melbourne

Melbourne is the second-largest Australian city after Sydney and famous for culture vultures. The shops, restaurants, groceries and the social places here are well designed with a European feel and thus attractive to many. This city has parks, gardens, and open spaces that occupy a large area. Here, there sits the Royal Botanic Gardens, the cricket ground used by cricket fans during summer and football in the winter. If you are a fan of fruits, vegetables and generally shopping, the Melbourne shopping center is the home of all these.

Are you looking for your destination for your holiday? Then Australia offers all that you have ever dreamt of. Get a good tour company to help you plan, learn more and enjoy the best that nature has to offer on this side of the world.

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