• 25th April 2024

A Comprehensive GMAT Mock Test Series – 15 GMAT Mocks by Experts’ Global

Regarded as the typically last stage of the GMAT online preparation process, the GMAT mock tests are essential to determine your readiness to take the GMAT test. However, a GMAT mock test must be identical to the GMAT in terms of quality of questions, scoring pattern, and overall test-taking experience to guarantee that the student is equipped with not only a knowledge of the concepts tested but also endurance and test-taking strategy to ace the GMAT. Moreover, the mock test series should be affordably priced and include smart analytics that read student’s performances and suggests areas of improvement. The Experts’ Global’s GMAT mock test series is one such holistic mock test package. You can even take a free GMAT practice test

  • Cost

You can avail of the Experts Global mock test package at almost the same price as the other GMAT mock test series. However, the Experts’ Global GMAT mock test comes at a comparatively lower rate because it offers 15, full-length tests, while other services offer six, at most. The advantage of this large number of tests lay in the fact that the students have the scope to practice more, before the GMAT. This will, in effect, help them better form their exam strategy. Besides, the package also includes strong AI-enabled software and self-study resources.

  • Robust Analytics

A unique feature of the Experts’ Global GMAT mock test package is the AI-enabled performance diagnosis system. Thus, the analytics closely analyzes the performance on each test and even over the previous tests to suggest the specific weak and strong points on the individual types of questions. The firm believes that the first step in improving performance is understanding one’s weaknesses. This software, thus, by making one aware of his/her points of improvement motivates the student to put in the necessary effort to overcome the weaknesses.

  • Representative Scoring

Experts’ Global has been able to closely represent the GMAT scoring algorithm, a pattern that is not publicly disclosed by GMAC, in its GMAT mock test series. This success in acing the representative scoring on GMAT, by Experts’ Global, is testified by the students’ report of congruency between their advanced stage mock test scores and their final GMAT scores. This is an important aspect of the Experts’ Global GMAT mock test series as an accurate assessment of the performance is actually integral to improving the overall performance of the GMAT aspirant. 

  • Quality of Questions

A significant achievement for the Experts’ Global GMAT mock test developers have been their ability to attain great similarity between the test series questions and the GMAT questions in terms of types, difficulty level, and concepts tested, besides the other factors. Even they have successfully replicated the test-taking screen used in GMAT: thus, when you take the mock, you will be working on the full-screen with the same graphics and controls as is used on GMAT. This likeness helps the students practice for the exam, while psychologically preparing themselves for the same. 

  • Self-Study Resources

Experts’ Global believes in empowering the students. Likewise, they have included a number of self-study resources to this GMAT mock test series. Each of the GMAT mock test questions includes a video explanation. So, if you are unable to solve a question, you can refer to the video explanation to understand the concept. The video will also suggest a more efficient way to solve the problem. Additionally, a ten-part e-book series on sentence correction guarantees that you have adequately mastered the sentence correction segment before you take the GMAT.  

Truly, Experts’ Global offers an undisputed, well-rounded, and holistic GMAT mock test series.

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