• 24th May 2024

5 Situations Which May Require an Attorney

As much as you may hope life to proceed smoothly, easily, and unencumbered by freak accidents and brief tragedies, unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Everything from dog bites to medical misdiagnoses can significantly impose upon your quality of life. It’s important to seek recompense when you’re harmed, even in cases as banal as these. But when is it reasonable to seek an attorney and pursue a court case, as opposed to merely accepting a situation or going through an insurance company? To make it simple, here are five examples of cases that might require an attorney. 

  1. Car Accidents

One of the most common accidents people face on a daily basis, car accidents are tragic and also, unfortunately, often avoidable. Accidents here may involve cars, motorcycles, trucks, pedestrians, or cyclists. If you’ve been injured by a motor vehicle, you might be entitled to financial compensation for any financial or bodily harm that occurred. 

  1. Dog Bites 

While not a category of harm that most people thing of when it comes to a court case, hiring a dog bite attorney is an option available to many. Dog bites can cause physical harm as well as lasting psychological damage, especially to small children. Often, their owners are liable for their pet’s damages, and if you’re bitten, you can bring this situation to trial. 

  1. Workplace Accidents 

While the legalities of workplace-related lawsuits depend a bit on the state, employers are typically required to compensate their employees who are injured on the job. Depending on the injury, compensation may involve medical treatment, wages, or a lump-sum payment — which especially applies when workers are facing a permanent disability following their injury. Workplace compensation laws can be tricky and complex, though, so be sure to seek the advice of an expert when facing such a monumental and tragic situation.  

  1. Product Defects

When products are defective in a dangerous way, causing harm to their user, those injured certainly have a case to bring — and one which can potentially save others from the same fate. Typically, this includes common products such as potent drugs, food, defective vehicle or medical parts, toxic chemicals, and especially children’s products. 

  1. Medical Malpractice 

Serious injuries can arise from negligence or bias on the part of health care professionals. Some common types of medical malpractice involve misdiagnosis, poor treatment, surgical errors, pharmacy errors, or birth injury. In fact, the United States of America is the only developed country with a consistently rising maternal mortality rate, and is generally considered far more unsafe, in terms of the mother’s mortality, than Russia, Iceland, and even Greece. Lawsuits may be available to many women in this situation. 

While no one wishes for tragedy to befall them or their family, sometimes it’s inevitable. The best anyone can do is seek to prevent it if they can and later, prevent it from happening to others. Lawsuits are one way of doing this, and they also provide financial or other forms of support for the injured person. These are just five examples of situations that may justify an attorney’s intervention.


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