• 25th April 2024

5 Ways to Maintain Your Pool Deck

Meta-Description: A clean, well-maintained pool deck affects the aesthetics of your outdoor recreation area. Here are five ways you can take care of your deck.

Apart from cleaning your swimming pool, maintaining your deck is also crucial as it affects the overall appearance and health. You wouldn’t want to have a pool party with your deck looking grimy or boards and tiles popping off.

To keep your poolside deck lasting practically a lifetime of pool parties, consider these five tips to help you clean, repair, and sustain the life of your wood or concrete patio areas.

Sweep Away Dirt

For wooden decks, sweep away dirt and debris once a day. Doing so may seem tedious, but regular sweeping prevents dirt from getting to your clean pool water. Sweeping also helps prevent dirt from staining your wood, which may scratch the surface, encourage algae growth, or rot your timber deck altogether.

Replace Broken Boards or Tiles

If you have a timber deck, there might be nail pops caused by temperature changes that cause the wood to warp and swell, pushing the nail up. You might need to change the swollen boards with new ones so you can put in a fresh set of nails. Doing so prevents your foot from getting caught in those nails. Real estate developments like Avida Towers Verte may use this method to keep their wooden decks pristine, clean, and perfect for residents and visitors to sunbathe and lounge.

For concrete or tile decks, see whether there is chipping, cracks, or squares getting displaced. Clean the deck thoroughly before sealing any damage or replacing irreparable squares. If the gaps are too big, you might need to call in the professionals.

Treat Algae

Algae may grow on your pool deck over time due to being exposed to water. Deck cleaners help clean off algae on your poolside. However, you might need the help of bleach mixed with water to remove stubborn and bigger chunks of algae. Let the solution sit for five to fifteen minutes, scrub, then rinse it off. While algae is a treatable problem, if you notice mold growth, it’s best to call the professionals to eliminate it as mold may cause immense structural damage.

Do Some Power Washing

Power or pressure washing is a great way to wash away all the loosened debris off your deck. Your power wash will strip away layers of dirt and debris while revealing sparkling clean surfaces, gaps, and corners on your deck.

Seal and Stain Your Deck

As time goes by, your timber deck loses its shine and protective layer due to water exposure. To prevent your timber deck from falling apart and requiring expensive pool deck repairs and renovations, coat it with an oil stain of your choice. Oil stains seep into the wood, giving all parts of the board protection from splinters and rotting. They also come in different colors that add a beautiful gloss to your timber deck.

Maintaining your pool deck doesn’t have to be expensive. By regular sweeping, checking for gaps, and sealing your deck, you will prolong their life and keep your poolside clean, stylish, and ready for pool parties and swimming sessions. 

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