• 25th April 2024

6 Best Bed Designs at Affordable Single Bed Prices

Which is a better place to relax after a tiring day at work? You might say the sofa, but we all know that you want to crash on your bed the moment you get back home! That’s the only motivation you have after work that makes your return journey worthwhile. Even if no one is, it is your constant companion to your much-awaited movie marathons. But most importantly, it is one piece of furniture that helps you rejuvenate and recharge for the next day. That is why it is of utmost importance to have a comfortable bed for a sound sleep. 

With various e-commerce furniture e-tailers coming up, you can get your desired bed at an affordable single bed price. All it takes are quick fingers for you to look for the most desirable option at the convenience of your home.

Let us have a look at some trendy yet comfortable designs that you can choose from in this new age 2020 under Rs 50,000:

Bunk Bed Design:

If you are wondering how to get a bed for three with limited space for two? Bunk bed design will make space for it. A bunk bed comes in different options with a single bed below and one on top or two beds below with one on the top. You can buy depending on your family size a one plus one or two plus one option. You get different storage options too for this bunk bed where all the extra linens can be stored neatly. 

Novitta Solid Wood Bunk Bed by HomeTown is the perfect bunk bed that is available under the Rs 50,000 price bracket. The product is made from solid wood leaving it free from occasional squeaks. The cappuccino colour is that it will easily complement your other bedroom decor. 

Modern Antique Bed Design:

If you are an antiquarian, this is a bed design that you’ll fall in love with when you see on the display shelves. A royal wooden design that is inspired by primeval design will surely win your heart at first sight. Most antique beds have wooden carvings on its headboard or side pillars. This is sure to give you that royal experience that you always wished for. Curvy crown-like design on the headboard is useful to lean on while enjoying your favourite novel and sipping on a cup of tea or coffee.

Airavana Solid Wood Single Bed by Mudramark is an excellent steal of a deal that you can get your hands on for Rs 25,000 range. Its traditional style is inspired by indigenous arts and crafts from the Indian subcontinent and early Baroque and French eras. The beautiful honey oak colour is sure to complement your mattress and other bedroom linens.

Adjustable Beds:

Adjustable beds are the new trend that can be used not only as a bed but as a chair as well. With a motor attached beneath, it makes it easy to adjust your bed’s position. It is useful in the treatment of various back problems and other ailments like arthritis, sleeping disorders, and even help in improving your blood circulation. It is an excellent product for nursing or pregnant mothers and grandparents. You can have a look at Zero G beds that make correcting sleeping positions ease. 

Modern Canopy Bed Design:

A canopy bed was once the bed of nobles and lords! It was covered with curtains for some privacy. But we can see the changing times have changed the design too and you can get this design that looks royal but modern in its way too. It is normally made of wood but you can find some designs with metal finishes too. Its various components are a bed frame, bed posts, bed rails, the canopy, footboard, headboard, shrooms, finials and more.

Citadel Poster Bed from Wooden Street is a canopy bed design that is not that will punch a hole in your pocket and still you can enjoy the regal style of living! Priced at just under Rs 50,000, it is a bang for your buck. You can get it in 4 different finishes and in a king or queen size too. 

Hammock Bed Design:

If you like relaxing by the beach or under a tree, this is the perfect bed that you can get. It is a floating design that hangs from the ceiling and makes for a unique sleeping experience. The bed comes with a fibre base and a mattress on the top. It is suspended from the roof with strong rope strings. You can get this custom made design according to the dimensions of your house. 

With new designs styles coming up, even small rooms can be fitted with your favorite choice of bed under Rs 50,000. You can now buy different types of beds for your cozy space to give it a touch of perfection.

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