• 24th April 2024

Nvidia’s Cloud Gaming Service, GeForce NOW, Open to All for Free

Ever felt like playing a game, but didn’t have the proper hardware for it? Does own an RTX gaming PC/Laptop is pretty expensive for you? Nvidia has come up with the ultimate solution so you can play “Your Game, Your Device, GeForce Power.” That’s right, now you can play your favorite games on your device with the assistance of GeForce NOW.

This is a big step for cloud gaming. GeForce NOW lets you play any game through the cloud servers even if you are not equipped with suitable gaming hardware required to play that game. It basically enables you virtually by adding a virtual graphics card on your PC, MAC, SHIELD or even android phone via the cloud. So, you sort of upgrade yourself to the state-of the-art-gaming rig. Billions of games can join in using cloud even through the devices that aren’t exactly game ready.

What is GeForce NOW?

GeForce Now is an open platform that can be accessed anywhere from any device. GeForce is powered by Nvidia’s world-class CPU and Game-ready drivers for an excellent performance. Since the games are real PC games, you don’t only get precision of mouse and keyboard, but also optimization for game controllers. However, you can make the most out of this remarkable service with a stable internet connection that has good customer service. Spectrum Internet Customer service offers you a great service so you can solve all your internet problems and have a smooth gaming experience.

Connect to the community!

It is also a great opportunity to socialize as it lets you connect not only to your friends but also other gamers online. You can also access the games you have already brought online and the platform you brought it on.

There are libraries with 50+ games that can be accessed by the beta members of GeForce NOW. Nvidia wanted its players to not leave behind the games they already own, which why with the help of GeForce now they are working with existing PC stores and publishers, allowing players to add more games to their libraries while they keep enjoying the games they already own.

Your purchases always stay yours!

Even if you don’t want to purchase games and want to just play for free online, then you can opt for free-to-play games. The free service enables you to log in on Nvidia’s server for an hour-long session, during which you can access your Steam or Epic accounts through it.

After that, you’ll be able to install your desired game and run it. There are more than 1000 games that you can access through single- session trials. Gamers are also added on weekly requests by the users that is if they get enough popularity and publisher’s input. If you can’t find your desired game on the servers then you can write to Nvidia

Play on the go

Are you a MAC user who wishes to game on your PC? The good news is now you can! MAC games usually are incompatible with PC gaming, and games produced for PC gaming aren’t exactly of great quality, but with Nvidia NOW you can game even on your MAC. You don’t have to have a large screen, you can even game on your smartphones and take the game wherever you go.

NOW for anyone and everyone

When the beta was launched more than 80 percent of members were able to upgrade their systems to the latest PC graphics, without the GeForce GPU. The beta users will be automatically converted to the free plan.  All they have to do is simply sign in and continue gaming like in the beta version.

If you upgrade to the premium version, you would be able to enjoy no-wait and longer sessions. This means that premium users will have priority access to GeForce now servers ahead of free members. The sessions will also be longer with up to 6 hours of gaming and access to the exclusive RTX content on GeForce now.

You can avail of the premium experience by becoming a founder member. You’ll get the first three months free after that you only have to pay $4.99 a month for 12 months.

There must be a lot of questions still brewing in your mind regarding this big reveal, let’s address them sequentially!


When you’ll click the title, you will be directed to the digital store page, where your log in your identity will be verified. The game is installed onto your gaming rig on the GeForce NOW cloud. You would need to hold the start button on the game-pad for the virtual mouse and keyboard to appear. If you need to buy a game you can do it easily from the digital store.


If you are from North America and Europe then yes it is available in your country at the moment. To find out the more precise status, visit https://status.geforcenow.com/.


If your android phone has a memory of 2GB or more than its good to go. Moreover, it should be at least Android 5.0 or more. It is best if you connect the 5Gz WIFI network because it’s going to cost you a lot of dollars if you are using your mobile service data. If you are living in New York browse Spectrum NYC packages for fast and reliable internet connection.


It is best if you have a Bluetooth gamepad connected. It makes the experience smoother as some games are best played with a gamepad or Bluetooth mouse or keyboard. You just need to log in to your GeForce account on your phone than visit the library of recently played games. You can then pick up from where you left off.


Here are some of the recommended hardware: The NVIDIA Shield controller, Razer Raju, SteelSeries Stratus Duo, or Thunder soft’s Gap.


What are you waiting for? You can be a part of the gaming community. Don’t let anything limit you from doing what you love. Now, there’s no need for expensive setups; just log in to your GeForce account for free or become a founder member and enjoy to your heart’s content!

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