• 17th June 2024

7 Bathroom Accessories to Consider for Your Bathroom Space


Wondering which bathroom accessories in Melbourne you should choose to make your bathroom space your own? This article outlines seven tips on bathroom accessories that can transform your space, helping to create ambience, eliminate clutter or add a touch of class. Read on to find out more. 4-Piece Bathroom Accessories Set

In any bathroom, you’ll need somewhere to put your toothbrush, your razor, your cake of soap and your hand wash. For this reason, it’s a great idea to find a 4-piece matching set of bathroom accessories in Melbourne that takes care of all of these needs. Accessories need not just be functional – they can be stylish at the same time.

Beautiful Glass Jars

Aesthetically pleasing glass jars can be practical receptacles for cotton balls and Q-tips, turning the mundane into something beautiful. If you have any bathroom essentials that look a little messy on their own, you can jazz them up with beautiful glass jars.

Waterproof Speaker

Want to indulge in some songs in the shower? Then you’re going to need a waterproof speaker that allows you to listen to music while you shower. Hang it from a tap or put it on a shower shelf and sing your heart out, making the most of the bathroom acoustics. 

 Dual Sided Rubbish Bin 

Nothing makes your bathroom look messier than an overflowing rubbish bin. Fortunately, you can solve this problem with a stylish dual rubbish bin that has a compartment for recycling and another one for rubbish. This is one of the must-have bathroom accessories in Melbourne for keeping your bathroom tidy. As it allows you to keep your recyclables separated from your rubbish, it also allows you to do your bit for the environment. 

Storage Shower Curtain

There are some bathroom accessories in Melbourne that actually do double duty in the room, such as the storage shower curtain that features pockets where you can keep everything from hair brushes to shampoo. Not only does this shower curtain do everything a shower curtain should – keeping water inside the shower and offering privacy – but it also provides extra storage for those little things that can easily clutter up the bathroom if they don’t have a home. 

Jewellery Tray

A jewellery tray is one of those bathroom accessories in Melbourne that can easily be missed, but if you’ve ever lost a much loved item of jewellery down the sink, you will know how important they are. When you have a nice jewellery tray nearby, you can take off your jewellery before washing and leave it in a safe and easy to locate place. 

Guest Hand Towels

There’s nothing grimier than forgetting to leave guest towels out for friends and family, or expecting them to use your bath towels. Choose bathroom accessories in Melbourne that are not only practical, but also beautiful – such as immaculate guest hand towels that you can have on display. A good set of hand towels is well worth the investment.   


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