• 17th June 2024

 How Duct Cleaning Can Benefit the Health of You & Your Family


Wondering how duct cleaning services in Melbourne can benefit the health of you and your family? They can do this in a number of ways, from improving house hygiene to reducing allergens. Read on 

Improve Hygiene

The hygiene of your home is not just dictated by how often you clean it – it’s also got to do with how often you organise duct cleaning services in Melbourne. These services can make or break your home when it comes to cleanliness. Did you know that there are many different unhygienic contaminants lurking in the ducts of your home right now? Things such as dirt, mould, bacteria, viruses, insects (spiders, cockroaches etc.), rodents, and even possums and birds can be hiding in your ducts. How can you expect to have a hygienic home when all those unpleasant things are contaminating your air? That’s why you need duct cleaning services in Melbourne. Professional duct cleaners know how to remove all unsavoury substances from your ducts, giving them a good clean out to improve the hygiene of your home. 

Reduce Allergens

As well as all the other gross things that can accumulate in your ducts, you can also find common allergens such as pollen and pet hair. These substances can cause reactions in the people living in your household. They might be sneezing, coughing and blowing their nose a lot due to the allergens that are being circulated in the air from your HVAC system. It’s a repetitive cycle, with the contaminants being caught up in air draughts, attracted to your ducts, and staying there until another gust of air pushes the allergens back through your rooms. It’s a nightmare for any allergy sufferers in your home. The best thing to do to minimise allergy issues is to hire a company for duct cleaning services in Melbourne. They will soon have your ducts clean and hygienic so your family can breathe easier once again. 

Eradicate Smoke Contaminants

If someone in your household smokes, even if they contain it to outside or in one particular room, they’re creating contamination in the air for everyone. The best case scenario is to try to encourage the person to give up smoking, but that can be easier said than done. In the mean-time, you may want to look into duct cleaning, as cleaning out your ducts will help prevent the smoke smell from hanging around your home. Usually, smoke smells can be absorbed into the dust particles that are present in your ducts, and then when the dust is pushed out of your vents, the smoke smell comes with it. But when you hire a company for duct cleaning services in Melbourne, you can stop this vicious circle from continuing. This will allow a higher quality of air to flow through your home. If a smoker has been smoking inside, it’s also a god idea to convince them to smoke outside only so you can preserve you new-found better indoor air quality. 




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