• 21st May 2024

7 Exciting Reasons Why You Should Install a Wood Fireplace

Wood fireplaces in Melbourne are a favourite feature that most homeowners consider a plus. Many homebuyers also find them a necessity when searching for homes to purchase. A modern wood fireplace adds an extra architectural feeling of comfort to a house, both on the inside and outside. There are a number of great benefits of wood burning fireplaces, some of which this article will detail below. 

Eco-Friendly Heating

Modern wood burning appliances produce plenty of heat that can warm your home. That means they’re incredibly efficient, allowing you to minimise the usage of other appliances like electric heaters. Some wood heaters for sale can distribute heat from the appliance and circulate it throughout the home using ductwork. Some of the latest wood burning appliances are smokeless and produce a very minimal amount of emissions. 

 Cosy Fires

Wood fireplaces in Melbourne are the only heater type that can provide you with the cosy warmth you can only get from a real fire. You can watch the fire dance as the cold outside melts away when you have a fireplace or open hearth. A modern wood fireplace offers a cheerful place to sit in front of reading a favourite book, or to gather around the crackling flames with friends and family. There are also numerous other indoor activities you can enjoy near a wood burning fireplace.

 Cut Energy Costs

With the cost of electricity continuing to go up, wood fireplaces in Melbourne are becoming a popular preferred source of heating. An efficient wood burning appliance only requires firewood to run, which is much cheaper compared to heating your home with a costly electric heater.

Energy Independence

Modern fireplaces allow homeowners to not have to completely depend on energy utility companies. You can use your wood heater as long as there is a constant supply of wood. 

 Warmth During Power Cuts

More often, when the worst winter storms hit, power is usually knocked out. With a wood burning fireplace, you can have plenty of light as you keep your home warm. Those without fireplaces have to wait in the cold until power is restored.

 Fire for Cooking

Fire appliances such as a wood burning stove have an added advantage in that you can also cook on them. As you warm your home, you can be heating your coffee or soup with the fire, reducing your utility bill. If electricity goes out for any reason, you can still cook, and preparing meals won’t be an issue. With other fireplace appliances like an open-hearth, you can even roast foods on sticks.

A Romantic Setting

Imagine sitting in front of a fire, perhaps sipping wine with someone you love. Few features in the house can offer a dreamy romantic escape like a fireplace can. For parents who may find trouble finding a baby sitter, they can enjoy a romantic environment without necessarily having to go out.

In Summary

It’s easy to enjoy an authentic wood fire experience with a wide selection of wood heaters for sale in Melbourne. A modern wood burning fireplace can add warmth and romantic ambiance to any home’s interior. 

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