• 25th June 2024

9 Tech Solutions to Keep You More Organized

Staying organized isn’t easy, especially nowadays when home life and work life have become intertwined. The good news is, there are ways to get better organized without having to completely change your life.

Thanks to technology, you can download apps that will help you make the most of your time. Whether you digitize your to-do list or set your debit card up to auto pay your bills, tech can streamline your day-to-day. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the types of tech you should consider integrating into your life to keep yourself more organized. 

Organization Tech For Work

In today’s remote work environment, where employees are spread all across the world, staying organized is more important than ever. Thankfully, technology can help. Project management software allows teams to assign tasks, manage projects, and collaborate regardless of where employees are located. Here are a few tech options to create an organized workplace completely online: 

1. Asana 

Asana is quickly becoming one of the most popular project management softwares out there. In fact, Crozdeck ranked Asana 13th on its list of the top 20 software products of 2020. 

This cloud-based software platform is ideal for remote employees because it’s essentially a virtual workspace. Managers can create tasks, assign them to other employees, and manage projects from start to finish. 

Asana also lets users set clear deadlines for individual tasks involved in a single project. When a task is complete, the user simply checks it off and moves on to the next task. Asana is a great way for team members to stay organized and accountable for their work. 

2. ProofHub

ProofHub helps remote teams stay connected and organized by offering a number of project collaboration capabilities. For example, ProofHub lets employees chat in real time, create to-do boards, and manage tasks with easy-to-understand charts. 

In fact, ProofHub offers an array of project visualizations, from the ever-popular Gantt chart to tables and Kanban boards. This software will also track how much time employees spend on various project tasks. 

3. Monday.com

This team management platform helps employees collaborate in a user-friendly setting. In minutes — even seconds — managers can create individual or group tasks. They can also create different workspaces and folders to keep everyone organized. 

For example, client success can have their own workspace, separate from management or editorial. In each workspace, tasks and projects can be assigned, managed, and completed in real time. 

Organization Tech for Family and Home

Technology can do more than organize your work life — it can also organize your home life. Whether you’re juggling career and family or just need to better prioritize, there are many ways technology can streamline your day-to-day. Here are a few tech options to organize your home life:

4. Todoist

Todoist is an app that allows users to create tasks and set deadlines for themselves. (Who’s the boss of you? You are!) Once a task is completed, users get the satisfaction of checking the items off the list. 

Todoist also lets users share tasks between friends and family members for easy collaboration. This app even integrates with other platforms like Slack and Amazon Echo to further streamline daily tasks. 

5. Cozi Family Organizer

Cozi Family Organizer can help manage your family’s entire life. With a color-coded calendar, you can keep track of each other’s appointments, activities, and important events. This way, you always know where your family members are and what they’re doing. 

This app also has a grocery list feature that each family member can add to. You’ll never run out of Junior’s favorite breakfast cereal again.

6. Evernote

With Evernote, you can create to-do lists, schedule appointments, and clearly lay out home projects. This easy-to-use app syncs across all your devices, so you can write and review notes whether you’re on your phone, iPad, or computer. 

What’s nice about this app is that you can create separate notebooks to organize everything. For example, one notebook could hold your receipts, another could hold your bills, etc. 

Organization Tech for Health

According to a Rock Health survey, almost 90% of American adults are using one or more digital tools to help track their health. Whether that’s with a wearable or an app, using tech to improve one’s well-being is quite common. Here are a few tech options that will help you organize your health-boosting efforts:

7. MyFitnessPal

If you’ve ever struggled to organize your food intake and daily exercise, MyFitnessPal might be for you. This app works like a food diary where you can easily track your meals and learn their nutritional values. You can also break down your workouts to determine how many calories you’re burning. 

MyFitnessPal will even keep tabs on your personal health goals and send reminders to help you achieve them. This is made even easier by its integrations with apps like Apple HealthKit and FitBit.

8. Runkeeper

Runkeeper is a fitness tracking app. It uses GPS to not only track your runs, but help you set fitness goals that can actually be achieved. The app’s goal feature lets you choose, say, whether you’d like to lose weight, achieve a certain run time, or improve overall fitness. 

As you strive to reach your goals, you’ll be encouraged by the other members of the Runkeeper community. The power of social connection will help you keep up with your runs and stay accountable to your fitness objectives. 

9. Sleep Cycle 

A lack of good sleep has been attributed to many health problems, such as memory loss, mood changes, weakened immunity, and more. Maintaining a sufficient, consistent sleep schedule is therefore crucial to one’s overall well-being. 

The Sleep Cycle app tracks and analyzes your sleep patterns while you’re sleeping. The app will show average sleep time, when and how many times you wake up through the night, and your average sleep quality. The app can even be programmed to wake you up at the ideal time so you’re completely rested. 

Being organized at work and home offers many health benefits. Among others, it’s been known to boost energy, reduce stress, improve sleep, and enhance productivity. By integrating the right technologies into your life, you’ll soon reap all the benefits of becoming more organized. 

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