• 25th April 2024

Common Questions To Answer When You Are Purchasing Ceiling Fans

With the availability of several options, coming to a conclusion regarding the best one is quite challenging. Moreover, buying fans online is even more daunting because you cannot see the item in front of you, cannot touch or feel the material and all. Therefore, its best to find answers to some very logical questions before finalizing your purchasing decision. 

Of course, it will seem more challenging if its your first time or you have just started looking for the most suitable fan for your house. You can begin with understanding the room dimensions, sir flow, fan size, CFM, number of blades, their size, materials and similar other aspects. 

How to understand the right size of ceiling fan for your room?

One of the most primary aspects to consider when you are choosing a ceiling fan is to determine the size of your room. Of course, that is the first thing that will determine what size of fan you should be purchasing. 

You must know why the size of a room is the most important factor. Well, that’s because if you end up purchasing the biggest fan for a very small room and vice versa, the air circulation that is supposed to happen will not. 

In case you are unaware of measuring the fan’s size, you must do it by measuring the fan sweep’s diameter when it’s switched on. You can also take a measuring tape and fix one end of it at the tip of a blade and then stretch it all the way till the end of the opposite blade to find the proper size.

 Again, if the fan that you have comes with odd number blades, you must measure till the center of the fan and then double the measurement. Once done, its time to measure the room’s size. Some people prefer to keep two smaller fans in a longer or more spacious room. 

Is a sloped ceiling ideal for ceiling fans?

If you are not purchasing a hugger fan, then a sloping ceiling won’t be much of a problem. Of course, how sloping it is will impact the type of fan you purchase. However, in most cases, fan canopies covering the junction boxes are apt even when the ceiling has a certain amount of slope, say around 30-degree. 

The only difference is that you may have to purchase a separate down rod along with the fan to ensure better blade clearance. On the other hand, for even steeper ceilings, you can get hold of angle mounts and suitable adaptors along with the ceiling fan that you want to put up. 

Can fans fulfil lighting requirement for the room too?

Technology is becoming more advanced now and people are becoming smarter than ever. Moreover, minimalism is the style of century it seems and therefore people are following the less is more concept nowadays. 

It is the same with fans that come with installed lights as well. The fan canopy usually becomes the light set that will successfully illuminate the entire room, and what’s best? The designs of such fans are awesome, with a modern and sleek look of course! 

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