• 20th May 2024

All About Ordering Custom Bulk Bags

Big industrial bulk bags with recycling material at pallets

FIBC bulk bag is a flexible intermediate bulk container that is available in jumbo, super sack, big bag, or tonne bag. These bags are industrial containers that are made using flexible fabric which is designed for storing and then transporting flow able, dry products, like fertilizer, sand, and plastic granules as well.

If you want to order bulk bags that are perfect for your business and product, you can customize them from a reputed company like Pacific Bags, one of the best companies in supplying custom size FIBC bags in Australia.

Need to customize bulk bags

FIBC bags can be used for different purposes, and you will surely find one that works perfect for your business as well. Customized bulka bags are usually needed for specific applications in various industries. There are several reasons why you could require customized FIBC bags: You might deal in products which requires more than the standard size of 50-pounds capacity; or your company might need any specific colors. Whatever, the reasons might be, there are some ways to help you choose and order the perfect type for your unique requirement.

Product or business determines bulk bags

The important factor that helps you in customizing your bulk bag needs is determining what kind of product is stored inside the bag. If you need to use the bag for storing regular products, then standard bags must suffice.

Here are other elements you can customize:

  • Baffles

If you need extra support for your product, you might want to get baffles in your customized FIBC bags. These extra attached panels of fabric or strings which are sewn around 4 corners of these bags. Baffles work as reinforcement, helping the bags to maintain proper shape once it is filled completely. This makes storage easier, and even could save space when stored.

  • Printed labels

You can even choose to add personalized printed labels on your bulk bags’ exterior. This would help people identify what item is inside and where it must go.

  • Food grade or feed grade

If you need bulk bags to hold food for either humans or animals, you require bags which are certified as a safer option to store these products. There is a big difference in Food and Feed bags, so therefore make sure with your reputed supplier like Pacific Bags which option is perfect for your requirement.

  • Color

Most standard types of FIBC bags are available in white, though, you can order these bags in any color. This is not required to make your storage needs more colorful, but specific colors help to indicate that a particular bag contains hazardous products, and so workers know they must handle those bags with care.

If you looking for a wide variety of customized bulk bags, in different sizes and SWL (safe working load) capacities and SF (safety factor) as well, contact Pacific Bags in Australia with your quantity and size. Some common types of bulka bags they supply are also available online.

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