• 25th April 2024

Why Routine Scissor Lift Maintenance is Important

Scissor lifts are crucial for situations requiring vertical ascent and descent. Since contractors use them frequently for demanding jobs in hard-to-reach spaces, you must check them regularly. You will need them to be in top condition, especially if you’re using scissor lift hire. You may decide to do the maintenance by yourself to save on money. However, you should always seek the assistance of a professional to do the maintenance for you. Below are some of the maintenance routines you need to adopt for the machine to serve you for an extended period of time.

Daily Inspections

Whether you own your scissor lift or use scissor lift hire, you should carry out daily checks to ensure they’re safe and will continue running efficiently. Check the machine’s status before using it every day to ensure it runs efficiently. Scissor lifts are usually used in a harsh environment, which could cause some bolts to loosen, resulting in potential accidents and injuries.

Should you decide to do the daily checks by yourself, it’s advisable to refer to user manuals. If you don’t have enough experience to handle major repairs, simply check the machine for visible oil, fuel or battery fluid leakages. You can also check for foreign objects, dents, cracks or any other abnormalities that may affect the machine.

Quarterly Maintenance

While daily inspections are a must for the durability of your machine, you also need to conduct inspections and maintenance after using it for several hours. Such maintenance may require a specialist, as it can involve changing of parts and oil. If you’re purchasing a second-hand scissor lift or if the machine has been out of work for some time, you must do this kind of maintenance as soon as possible. Quarterly preventive maintenance ensures your machine runs smoothly without breaking down. Manufacturers recommend that you service your scissor lift with a company specialist as they will know the machine inside out. They will also have extensive knowledge of replacing worn-out parts without ruining the machine.

The Long Term Benefits of Maintenance

Maintaining your scissor lift has invaluable benefits in the long run. Manufacturers of well-maintained machines usually offer additional services. Such services can include updates to the machine, minor repairs, and paint jobs to restore the machine’s superb condition. Such services not only add value to the machine, but also ensure it remains in top condition.

Available Types of Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts come in different types and powering systems. Some of the standard types available for scissor lift hire or purchase include:

  • Hydraulic scissor lift – These scissor lifts use hydraulic systems powered by hand or by engine by changing oil pressure, making them very simple to operate.
  • Electric scissor lift – Electric scissor lifts are ideal for indoor job-sites, as they don’t emit fumes. They are also suitable for use in small and confined spaces.
  • Diesel scissor lift – Diesel scissor lifts are powerful and are ideal for doing heavy lifting of tools. However, they can be very noisy and emit fumes, limiting their use to construction sites with very limited use in small and closed spaces.

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