• 25th April 2024

Beginner’s guide to become a successful trader

Millions of traders are trying to change their life by trading the financial instrument. They are using fancy trading systems and spending huge amounts of money on buying EAs and bots. Sadly, most of them are still losing money because they don’t have control over their emotions. They are more like the gamblers who love to play with big money without taking too much risk.

The Forex market might be the largest financial market in the world, but it is very easy to understand. People don’t want to spend enough time educating themselves and eventually they lose their capital because trades are taken with an emotional approach. Let’s find out how we can become a successful trader without losing a big sum of money.

Knowing about the participants

The first thing that you need to study is the participants of the market. Without knowing about the participants of the market, it is very hard to execute high-quality trades. People always take high risks and try to earn a huge amount of money at trading without knowing how the market works. On the other hand, the pro traders in the United Kingdom take trades by knowing the participants. They know the different levels of traders and this helps them to fine-tune their trading method. Having a strong basis in the Forex market is a must. Unless you do so, it will be tough to become a millionaire trader.

Opening the trading account

You must learn to open a trading account with a premium broker. This means you need to know the criteria of the good broker. Taking trades with a low-end broker and trying to earn millions is never going to work. The elite traders at Saxo capital markets always suggest doing proper research on a broker. If your trading environment is not up to the mark, you should not expect to make a big profit. A good broker will also give a free demo account in which you can practice without investing any real money. After you become skilled at analyzing the market dynamics, it won’t take much time to improve your trading skills and become a professional trader.

Creating the trading edge

Creating a trading edge is a very simple process. You have the demo account and you can try different kinds of trading systems. Though it will not work, you will learn how the pros are making a profit. After having sound knowledge of the support and resistance level,it’s time to focus on the trading edge.  Based on your personality, you need to create the trading edge so that you can make a profit without having any hassle. Once you have the draft system, back-test it to see how it works.

Revising your trading method

Never start trading with real money without revising the trading method. Revision of the trading method helps you to find the mistakes in the system. Once you become good at analyzing the faults, it will take a few hours to fix the issues. In the case of complicated problems, you might have to spend years developing a perfect trading edge. Unless you can trade with a balanced approach, it will be really hard to change your life. Think twice before you take a trade and focus on the long term goals. Never think your trading method is 100% perfect or it will be tough to make decisions at the most complicated times.


Successful traders have strong analytical skills. They always work hard to develop their trading edge. So, be prepared to work hard as a novice trader, or else you won’t be able to become a skilled trader. Things might be tough at the initial stage, but once you learn to take trades with managed risk, you will consider trading a very easy task.

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