• 25th April 2024

Commercial v Industrial Spray-Booths – What’s The Difference?

For those who are new to the spray-booth market, or for those of us who are just not informed as such, it can be a bit confusing to distinguish the different types of spray-booths on the market.

First of all, a Spray-booth is an enclosed or semi enclosed area used for the spray painting of a range of items. They may also be equipped with a source of filtered air to keep the spray atmosphere dust free, a waterfall backdrop to trap overspray and an exhaust system to vent the fumes of the evaporating solvents.

Using a spray-booth ensures that paint jobs are done faster, safer and cleaner. They also ensure that your employees and their environment remain clean and safe, by containing paint overspray and confining the applications of hazardous materials to a controlled environment.

Common items be painted in a spray booth include cars, trucks, boats, planes, parts for manufacturing or building and furniture.

A spray-booth can be a standalone piece or included as part of a conveyorized finishing system or production line, this will all depend on what specifically it is being used to paint.

The basic idea behind most spray booths is essentially the same, however depending on the size, industry and application it will be used for, most spray booths are tailored to these individual needs.

While many might think that there are two classifications of spray-booth, it is more suited to say that there is one classification, but with different purposes or applications, Commercial or Industrial.

Many manufacturers require custom spray booths to suit their specific requirements. Most spray booths built for industrial purposes are designed specifically for large vehicles and components. The main differences between spray-booths that are made for commercial (usually automotive) purposes and those that are made for industrial purposes, is the size of the booth and the airflow.

Industrial spray booths are usually more specialised and specific in their make, usually tailor made to be applicable to a niche production line or purpose. While commercial spray-booths are usually found in auto body shops, used for automotive purposes, that aren’t as niche as spray-painting parts for aerospace engineering or other niche areas.

Commercial booths will usually be a part of creation of an item that you intend to make a profit on commercially, such as re-painting cars. While industrial booths are characterized specifically by industry to do something detailed, that doesn’t necessary relate directly to commercial profit or sale, such as a part of an aircraft.

No matter whether you will be using your spray-booth for an industrial or commercial application, it is important to ensure that you are only using the most energy efficient and technically advanced spray booths on the market. Most importantly now that you know more about the spray-booth market, you can figure out what the purpose of your spray booth application is and whether it is an industrial or commercial purpose.

When investing in such a specific and large piece of machinery you want to ensure that you have only the highest quality booth, that includes as impressive set of features and technology that can assist in the reduction of running costs and increase outputs.

A reliable Australian brand such as DRYSYS Spray-Cure can assist you in creating a custom spray booth that is specifically aligned with your needs. They can provide high quality, energy efficient batch or continuous style manufacturing spray booths to suit any type of requirement you need.

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