• 25th June 2024

Sophisticated programmable automation delivers consistent high quality outputs and cost effective solutions

Whatever you’re involved in manufacturing, there are some universal principles that must be kept in mind to ensure that you’re manufacturing process is as efficient and profitable as possible.

First, it is essential that the goods you are manufacturing or producing are of a consistently high quality. Competition is fierce and, in a high cost and competitive environment like Australia, you can’t afford to fall behind your competitors on the basis of the quality of your finished product.

Second, materials and other non-worker input costs need to be minimised. This means efficiency and, particularly, minimal waste – whether it’s physical manufacturing and finishing inputs, or energy and water, you simply can’t afford to be using more than you need to.

Finally, it’s essential that you most effectively and efficiently utilise labour input by maximising the productivity of individual employees and minimising the sources of and potential for human error in the manufacturing and production systems you employ. That includes keeping workers safe.

A significant contributor to getting these things right is the design and layout of your manufacturing site, processes and equipment – making the most of any advantages that your manufacturing site offers and ensuring that workflows and processes flow logically, seamlessly and efficiently.

However, of increasing importance in safe, efficient and profitable outcomes is the application of programmable automation to ensure consistently high quality outputs. And the most effective programmable automation solutions are those which are developed specifically for your circumstances and processes, ensure complete system and process integration, provide user friendly interfaces to minimise error and provide high quality, real time data in ways that you can use to drive improvements.

DRYSYS is a bespoke engineering company that specialises in customising manufacturing and finishing facilities, including the implementation of tailored, sophisticated programmable logic systems to ensure consistently high quality outputs.

While we specialise in the design, construction and commissioning of turnkey engineering projects, the “brains” behind our facilities is our in-house designed control and supervisory systems, using programmable logic controllers (PLC) and operator interface technology which are easy to navigate and user friendly with remote and wireless solutions available as well.

Our sophisticated automation systems allow operation of multiple facilities from one central point, ensuring they are all operating efficiently and productively. They can be designed to suit any automation process or facility and deliver outstanding results significantly reducing input and operating costs and minimising sources of error. Further, they provide valuable, real time data to ensure you maintain complete control and can undertake the analysis required to deliver continuous improvement.

Critically, at DRYSYS, we are focused on partnering with our clients to ensure that the services we provide underpin and support commercial success and profitability. Bespoke, tailored systems, delivering sophisticated process improvement and quality outcomes.

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