• 26th May 2024

Courses In The Odor Removal Service

Just as the name implies this service is dedicated to the expungement of odor from homes, institutions and diverse locations. Odor could originate from almost anything. It is the evidence of dirt, microbes or accumulated waste. There are so many ways in which one can get rid of odor but it all starts with identifying and removing the source. This is where the real work lies. However, this piece isn’t about the types of odor or its different neutralization methods, it’s about all the diverse courses and educational requirements it takes to work in an odor removal service  as an odor control technician.

The about to be mentioned courses are certified by the IICRC or the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification. This body is in charge of certifying these odor technicians after the completion of its approved courses. These courses offer every training and knowledge an odor removal service worker would need during the course of work. Now, working for this service does have other requirements apart from these IICRC courses. One of which is a high school diploma or a GED. No college degree is required from applicants. However, back to the certification courses. Here’s a breakdown on what this course offers:

Odor control

Here the aspiring technician will be taught on the anatomy of odor, how it is detected, the criteria for categorizing an odor as offensive, the differences between real and psychological odors, the categories of odor and lastly, its amplification. This can be referred to as the first module of this course. The next module is primarily about the odor control and its benefits. Here, students will be taught the health benefits of odor control, the deodorization techniques available from mother nature, how to identify and categorize odors. This IICRC course is pretty extensive as it covers deodorization principles and procedures, standards for bloodborne pathogens, deodorization chemicals and their classes, deodorization equipment, and so much more. Typically, any and every deodorization scenario an odor removal service worker would find him/herself, this course has made provision for it. It is all encompassing.

How to register

Registration for this course can be done online. This course is available to any and everyone who wants to become an IICRC Odor technician in the odor removal service. This certification makes you more marketable to employers as it increases your portfolio as well as salary grade if employed. It is important to note that there are different courses for this profession, some are more professional than others. However, IICRC has a list of the available courses provided on its website.

Asides from being an employment outlet, the odor removal service is a great opportunity to learn. Workers in the service do garner a lot of knowledge through the course of work. They become more sensitized about the natural and artificial organisms that constitute odor and the best ways each type of odor can be neutralized. That is priceless knowledge that is IICRC certified.

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