• 21st May 2024

Factors Affecting Death Scene Cleanup Service

While it is true that all death scenes contain a dead body, it is also true that no two death scenes are exactly the same. This amongst other things means that the death scene cleanup service that is carried out on each death scene might also differ from one another.

The fact that death doesn’t have a static pattern of occurrence is the first factor that point towards a difference in death scene cleanup service from scene to scene. That isn’t all though, as there are other reasons that can determine how a death scene is cleaned out.

Factors Determining a Death Scene Cleanup

  • Place of Death

In considering the factors that can affect a death scene cleanup service, it is fitting that the scene of death itself is first mentioned. Death doesn’t pick a particular place to occur. It can happen anywhere. A fatal car accident might either mean that the car is the death scene or the asphalted ground, or both. Someone who commits suicide can decide to blow his brains out in a hotel room, or jump of a skyscraper. Wherever, it is, it would impact the death scene cleanup service.

It is noteworthy that while some areas are easy to clean off than others, it doesn’t mean that the cleanup job is in anyway easy. That is, if you really want to be thorough.

  • Lapse of Time

Any accident or trauma is typically reported immediately it occurs and sometimes while in progress. In some cases, the trauma scene might become a death scene before help arrives. The point though is, once the body has been evacuated, then the cleanup can begin. No problem here.

The problem in this case is associated with unattended death. When a dead body goes unnoticed for an inordinate amount of time, it poses new and horrendous challenges for the cleaners that would handle the job. when decomposition sets in, the body would release it biological and gaseous contents into its surrounding and this in some cases causes a lot of structural compromise.

  • Hoarding

When cleaning out the death scene of a former hoarder, the cleanup crew is doubly tasked. One, with the responsibility of cleaning out the garbage, and also, cleaning out the death remains.

This would definitely mean more cost on the part of the party footing the cleanup bills, but also more work and longer hours for the cleanup crew. They are not just focused on blood and bodily fluids any longer, but will also be on the lookout for spoilt food, animal dropping, insect and bacterial activities amongst others.

  • The Affected Area

The area affected by death depends on a number of sub-factors such as how the death occurred, the type of death and how much time has passed before the body was discovered.

The five common causes for death are known to be suicide, homicide, natural, accidents and overdose and each one comes with own peculiarities that demands different cleanup procedures and techniques.

There are other factors that determine how a death cleanup is conducted, and they will be discussed in preceding articles

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