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Flavours of Karnataka

While idli and dosa are the primary names that you might think of when speaking of Karnataka cuisine, this beautiful Southern Indian state also remains home to lip-smacking seafood and spicy curries. Also, the flavor and variety of Karnataka delicacies vary as you move from one area to another. 

While North Karnataka cuisine is principally about vegetarian meals, the waterfront area serves you mouthwatering seafood. Moreover, the Kodagu area is a prominent place where you can savor the best meat curries and Mangalorean meals that hold a rich zest of coconut and regional spices. 

Hence if you are a food lover searching for the top places in India to enjoy luscious cuisines, Karnataka should be next on your wish list. Also, you can quickly reach local towns in Karnataka to savor some unique specialties by booking a top-rated Bangalore car rental with a local driver. 

Best mouth watering delicacies you can savor in Karnataka.

Karnataka is a well-known Indian state best recognized for its endless food choices with a burst of zest in every bite. From classic masala dosa to pork curry and Bonda, here are some of the delicious cuisines you can explore in Karnataka. 

  • Mysore Masala Dosa

Mysore masala dosa is an indispensable part of south Indian cuisine. Every dosa holds a unique element or filling to separate it from the other recipes. This lip-smacking Mysore masala dosa comprises red chutney stuffing and mashed potatoes, where the tangy red chutney holds a unique spicy taste. So next time you visit Mysore, do not forget to try a plate of the Mysore masala dosa.

  • Ragi Mudde And Sopinna Saru

Ragi Mudde is another famous Karnataka cuisine in country areas made with water and Ragi flour. The dough gets rolled into balls and shallow fried to relish with Sopinna Saru, a sauce made with fresh leafy legumes and lentils cooked with flavorings. Also, the consistency of Sopinna Saru makes it easier to swallow, making it a highly nutritious food recipe. 

  • Maddur Vada

The most popular tea-time snack, you cannot stop munching on Maddur Vada. This Karnataka food recipe obtains its name from Maddur village in Mandya, Karnataka. 

Unlike the regular South India Vada, which resembles a doughnut, Maddur Vada gets prepared with semolina, maida, and spices. Also, you will find this popular munchy snack served in tea stalls trains, and it tastes best when relished with filter coffee and coconut chutney. 

  • Korri Gassi

Korri Gassi is a delectable chicken curry that originates from the coastal area of Karnataka. In the Tulu language, chicken is known as ‘korri’, and the curry is known as ‘gassi’. The curry comes soaked with the flavorings of tamarind and coconut, which are the principal elements of this dish. 

This famous chicken curry tastes best when served with Neer Dosa, and the flavors and aroma of this chicken curry represent the Karnataka Cuisine at its best.

  • Mangalorean Biryani

Mangalorean Biryani is the sole biryani of Karnataka that you must surely savor during your Karnataka tour. What makes this biryani delicious is the masala paste adding the authentic zest of Karnataka to it. The paste used while making this biriyani includes cardamom, coconut, clove, fennel seeds, coriander seeds, garlic, ginger, dry red chili, and cumin seeds. 

Just like we told you, there is more to Karnataka delicacies than just Idli and Dosa. And you know the best part? There are a variety of cuisines for both veg and non-veg lovers. So why are you waiting? Book a full-day taxi service for a food tour of any city and relish these flavors of Karnataka. 

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