• 27th February 2024

Here Are Some Ways to Groom Your Kitty

Cats are known to be generally very clean pet and they groom themselves, if you see any cat licking himself for a long time there is no wonder that they are worried about the dirt stuck on them. They’re extremely fastidious and one may have witnessed the kitten washing herself many times in a day if the opportunity is in plain sight.

Sometimes they might not be able to groom themselves and need your help with adequate grooming especially when they have long furs and fleas. Thus, it is necessary to maintain your cat’s coat caring for other hygienic needs time to time to make sure the clean is living a healthy life.

Some tips for effective pet grooming are

Skin and Fur Care

Bathing your Cat

While with the built-in cleaning tools (tongue and teeth) the cat has the capability of cleaning itself. But if somehow your cat lands up being very dirty or smelly, it is her priority to bath her. It is important to schedule the bath when the cat is already very tired this could be generally after a play session. It is recommended to trim the claws for one’s protection. Put some cotton in the ears. Gently massage the kitty with 1-part shampoo and 5-part water with handheld spray. Dry your cat at a warm place and then reward your cat with a treat for a peaceful and successful bathing session.

Brushing your Cat

Brushing is not only necessary for removing dirt, dead hair but also removes skin flakes and stimulates blood circulation, thus improving the overall condition of the skin. For those who brush their cats regularly two times every week will see their kitty glow differently from others. This is specifically very necessary when the cat is ageing and is not able to take care of her grooming needs on her own. Before brushing it is necessary to check the condition of the hair.

Skin Problems

The condition of the cat’s skin affects the overall behaviour of the cat. You’ll see this if your cat scratches, chews or licks excessively. A wide range of these could be from seasonal allergies and parasites and taking note of these skin problems and treating them is important.

It is now very easy to book pet grooming online. Professional grooming for your cat will keep her healthy and happy for a long time.

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