• 25th June 2024

Hiring an Employment Attorney in Canada – Here’s How to do it the Right Way

You could be an employee that has been wronged at work or you could be a firm that’s wrongly framed by a disappointed employee, whoever you are, you require an experienced attorney to take over your case as soon as possible to bring your case to justice. 

Now, as a firm, if an employee accuses you of discrimination, it can affect you in the following ways. 

  • The image of your company is tarnished. 
  • Your stocks can come down crashing. 
  • You can even lose clients and suffer high monetary losses. 

Which is why an attorney like the ones at Liebman Legal can actually help you in either settling the case out-of-court before it’s blown out of proportion or fight for you in the court to bring you to justice by proving that the claims made against you are an act of vengeance and extortion. 

That said, let’s now walk you through the discriminations that employees actually suffer at the hands of employers. And, if you must know, an experienced attorney like a Liebman Legal employment attorney are the best options since they are fully aware of all the employment laws made by the Canadian government to protect the rights of workers.

The many discriminations that can be used as a reason to sue a company include the following. 

  • Firing an employee with notice.
  • Not clearing the medical dues.
  • Forcing an employee to work beyond hours. 
  • Not paying an employee for double shifts. 
  • Blocking/discouraging a promotion based on gender, ethnicity, and color. 

These are some of the most frustrating mental tortures against which you can drag your employers to court. However, filing a lawsuit is entirely different from winning one. When you file a case against a big company represented by a team of lawyers, you’re generally at the backfoot since such attorneys know how to twist the law to get a verdict in the favor of their clients. Which is why hiring an attorney isn’t enough. What’s more important is hiring experienced attorneys like Liebman Legal employment attorneys. These lawyers cannot be tricked since they’re some of the best lawyers that have represented their clients all across Canada in the Quebec court and even the Canadian Supreme Court.

Thus, they can actually:

  • Work on the middle ground so that the company pays you the rightful amount without the case even hitting the court. This saves your time, effort, as well as money.
  • They do not count solely on hope. So, even while they’re opting for an out-of-court settlement, they never stop studying your case and collecting evidence in case the lawsuit actually gets to the court. 

You must, thus, contact the attorneys at Leibman Legal as soon as you can since time is of great essence to collect proofs before they can be tampered.

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