• 21st May 2024

How to Care for Natural Fur Coats

Imagine waiting an entire year to wear your elegant fur coat, and someone spills something on your expensive fur coat while partying. The first thing you would want to do is clean that stain from your fur coat as soon as possible before storing it. A fur coat can last several years if maintained properly. There is a vast variety of trendy fur coats available at Aria Moda. Two significant reasons to clean your fur coat regularly are:


  • Sometimes the accident happens, and they are unavoidable, mostly when you are out for a dinner or party. But even there is no strain you fur coat needs to be cleaned for the dirt and debris.
  • The natural oils that the fur hair releases make it look sheen and it also feels good. However, oil keeps absorbing dust and dirt from the coat and over the time the fur will look dull, patchy, and unattractive.


Natural fur coats should be cleaned once a year in summer and if your fur coat gets dirty due to excessive use in winters, then clean it twice a year to maintain its quality and extend its life.

How to Clean Without Damaging Fur Coats:

  • Tossing your expensive fur into the washing machine will permanently ruin them. Using appropriate cleaning techniques and products will increase the fur coat lifespan. 
  • If you can’t take it to a professional cleaner, you can use the following techniques to clean your coat yourselves:

Fur Brush:

A simple rubdown cannot remove layers of dirt and dust in your fur coat. On a dry and sunny day, take the fur coat outside and knock over the debris and dirt by giving a decent shake. After that, use a fur brush that is made from bristles to remove the bigger dirt particles. It is convenient to clean the coat with a fur brush. This fur brush is designed specially to comb out without breaking the healthy fibers.

Use Moist Cloth for Small Stains:

  • Do not rub off the small stain with your fingers on your fur coats. 
  • Take a clean cloth, moist it, and gently pat at the stain. Do not rub the spot, or fibers will be lose their delicacy.

Use Sawdust for Larger Stains:

  • Lay down the coat on a flat and clean surface.
  • Sprinkle and leave sawdust over the large strains overnight.
  • The sawdust will absorb the dirt, and you can remove it in the morning with a vacuum.
  • To keep the fur secure, make gentle suction.

How to Reserve Fur Coats:

You should know these things before storing the fur at home yourself:

  • Do not store the fur in a bag of plastic. Natural fur coats need to breathe, or its beauty and luster are lost.
  • Exposing the fur directly to light can cause discoloration and oxidization, which can damage the material.
  • Storing the fur coat in the closet made from cedar will pull the moisture from wood and make the fur strands, weak and brittle.

Aria Moda offers the most reliable and coziest coats. If you are in search of a variety of luxury fur coats then check at Aria Moda.  


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